Go your own way.

Afro and Ash had managed to scramble to the closest passenger car at the next stop. Few words passed between the pair as they occupied the first seats available. Afro seemed to be distracted by something as the pair snuck inside.

"Afro" Ash asked quietly. Afro looked up from his black book for a moment.


"Who were you before this?" the question came too quietly for Afro to realize the meaning underneath.

"What do you mean?" Afro put the book away and placed Reeza up on his shoulder.

"Before you became Afro? You have a real name don't you?" Afro frowned for a moment before replying. Ash never really thought too deeply in regards to the question until she watched Afro jump over the edge of the building. He didn't seem to care about life or death. He lived and breathed for his art. The rest of the world seemed to be just a blur to him. He thought for a moment before reaching into his backpack.

"There was a time I guess. I told you I worked for an office. One day I realized there was something much greater out there and I ran for it." Ash could feel Afro was hiding something from her.

"There's more Afro, I want to know." He frowned for a moment before responding. For the first time Ash realized Afro was quite haggard, the small amount of flesh that was not tattooed seem to be taking on an ashen gray color. His usual carefree approach seemed to be stripped away. There was something ugly underneath, and Ash was not sure how to take it.

"James?" Afro froze at the mention of that name. A young woman in a professional business suit stared at him. Reeza seemed to puff herself out in the attempt to scare this woman off. Ash could feel this woman knew Afro and Reeza. 

"What are you doing here? After the raid at the concert, you never came back to the Litpol. What is with all the tattoos, and why is that weasel still with you?" Afro bowed his head as Ash glared at him, he could see her eyes were tearing up.

"Afro?" The street artist said nothing. The business woman seemed puzzled at Afro as well.

"James? You failing to report back can mean you're going rogue. You know I have to report this, at the next station we can have you brought in from the cold and reprocessed. We found the protagonists last base, you're information may allow us to find the safe." She drew out a cell phone and began to dial a number, Ash overheard the conversation about her location and the Litpol.

Ash began to panic, a mixture of betrayal and fear. The litpol would be waiting for both of them at the next stop. Then there was Afro, he was working for the Litpol? She refused to believe it. Afro seemed so real, he couldn't be working for the Litpol. A voice began to creep into her thoughts, how else would they be able to get someone inside? Find artists and turn them, by hook or by crook.

"You're fake!!" Ash screamed at Afro. He didn't respond, he didn't defend himself against the accusations. Which only infuriated Ash more. "Tell me why? Why did you, why did I have to-?" Afro offered nothing as Ash got from her chair. "If you have anything to say, say it now." Afro said nothing, he wanted to explain the reason the Litpol were at that show. The reason he didn't realize they followed him, or the celtic ring in his backpack. A promise between himself and the musician girl that night. There wasn't time anymore. Not for him at least.

"I'm sorry." His voice came out nothing more then a whisper. Ash grabbed her possessions and bolted for the back of the passenger cabin.

Afro felt like he was being caught up in something far greater then himself. As soon as the train came to the next stop, he was done. He would allow things to finally end. His fight was over, closing his eyes he rested against the soft cushion of the train. Reeza, feeling her owners defeat had curled up against his side. She felt the same gloom in the air that night her old owner gave her to Afro with the promise to keep her safe.

She liked Afro, hopefully he won't give her away now.

The End

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