Truth and Reconciliation

"Well, guess it's out of my hands now."

Those were the last words that the group as a whole heard from the man just previously identified as Brendan. But it was the words that had been spoken to Spockeh that rang through his ears.

'Don't lie, he's probably already testing you,' Brendan had said to him. He mulled over the words as the doors began to open, by themselves he noted. He led the way as the group, en mass, moved into the next and only room they could see.

They were astonished by what they saw. They were standing in the middle of a plushly carpeted room, greatly contrasting the bland appearance of the top floor. Leather couches and seats dotted the room, creating many different places to collapse and rest. But that wasn't the only reason for the furnature, no, the main reason was to have a place for a person to read one or more of the innumerable books that lined the walls of the room. The bookcases covered the entire perimeter of the room, ranging from about 5 feet tall to, Spockeh estimated, about 15 feet tall.

"If you want, you may pick one of the books to read," A voice said. The group did a quick turn and found a man of about 40 or so years sitting down, reading a book.

"Fahrenheit 451," The man explained. Putting the book down on a coffee table, 'I just want someone to hear what I have to say. And maybe if I talk long enough, it'll make sense.'

"Well then, I guess we should get comfy." Spockeh said. The group sat down in a few of the furnature pieces. Scorch and Trucker were still trying to get Bugger to snap back into reality.

"Anything to drink? Anyone?" The man asked. Scorch asked for a towel and a glass of water, the two items were brough in quickly by a man wearing a grey trenchcoat.

"Thanks," Scorch said to  the man as he walked away. He took the towel, put it behind Bugger's head and then proceeded to dump the water the said head.

"Yeeeeaaahh!" Bugger screamed as the cold water seeped into his face, waking him up.

"Good to have you back bud," Trucker greeted. He was smiling from ear to ear, so was Scorch.

"Sorry 'bout that, my guys can be a bit... over creative." Spockeh apoligised.

The man waved it off, "No troubles, I'm just glad to see that he's alright."

"Allow me to take a stab at who you are: You, I presume, are the Bard?" Spockeh asked.

The Bard nodded, "Indeed I am. And I know, for a fact, that you are Spockeh and your friend beside you is Phenoix." Phenoix sat amazed that the man knew her name already.

"I see that you've been doing your homework." Spockeh commented, "I'll do the rest," He quickly ran through the rest of the group, introducing them to the Bard.

After he was finished, the Bard sat in thought for a moment, "What would you say if I told you that someone has been helping you this entire time?"

"I would have to say: 'Surely you jest!'" Spockeh responded.

"I don't, and please don't call me Shirley." The Bard replied kindly, "It is true that i have been helping you."


"Well, for starters, do you think that the LitPol stopping right infront of you and Ninja back a while ago was by pure luck? Or how there weren't any helicopters following you as you crossed the bridge after you blew a section of it away; Or how, by chance, you were able to sneak into the Military Base without much trouble or alarm. All of those situations were helped along by my group here."

Spockeh sat with one eyebrow raised in question, "Still, we were able to escape from those scraps by some quick thinking and cool heads."

"But how would you have fared if my man hadn't gone in with you and saved you Phenoix for you? You may have had to worry about her and Bugger at the same time."

"He's got a point there buddy," Scorch inserted from behind Spockeh.

"Well, all the same, I still don't know why you would help a group of trouble making, hell raising, destructive American teens that tear through anything from a stack of pancakes to a LitPol base. Mind clearing that up?" Spockeh inquired.

The Bard smiled, "Surely you can figure that out for yourself. We are Protagonists ourselves and when we found out that there were people that could make themselves heard and were on our side, we rejoiced. It then became pertinent for us to insure your safety during your travels until we could contact you. That's why things have always turned out right in the end for you."

"So without you, there would be no us outside anymore?" Spockeh asked.

"I'm afraid so," The Bard replied sadly, "But that is then, and this is now, and now is the time to focus on. I'm making you an offer that I know you can't refuse, join us, and we'll make your lives a bit easier."

Spockeh stared at the man that sat across from him. He borred into his eyes, looking for that one bit of information that could tell him which way was right.

Follow him and we gain another ally. He thought to himself

But what if he double crosses us? He countered. He could remember all too well the sharp knife being pressed against his throat as his comrades stood helpless.

It's all or nothing; Take it or leave it

Spockeh thought about it for a few seconds more, then replied, "Sir, I believe this is the beginning of a great new friendship."

"Good," The Bard rose, "Now I'm betting you'll want to see who you're working with." He began to walk back to the ornate doors from where the entered. Following the man, Spockeh took Phenoix by the hand and followed his new comrade/boss.

I hope this is the right idea. He thought as The Bard opened the doors to the rest of the facility.

The End

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