Renee snaps

 Harper was her target. Renee needed to know where and why he had that necklace. Why did he have a necklace especially one with a tracking device? Why was he tracking this Bluejay? Apparently she resembled Bluejay...

But when Renee opened the motel door Sarah was sitting in a ball. Her hands were firmly wrapped around her stomach. Harper reached out akwardly and rubbed her back.

" What's going on?" Renee asked worridly

" It's just stress" Sarah muttered.

Harper explained " At the litpol station Sarah threw up, he's been fine since. She kept the chocolate bar down but she feels sick again"

" Do you want to go to the clinic?" Renee asked

Harper stood up and gave Renee a gentle shove. Renee's eyes lit up. She was ready to do more than just shove him but she shoved her hands in her pockets. Renee had some rough ruin ins with men had quickly lost tolerance for any harsh physical contact. She would let Harper explain himself and then she would decide if he deserved a lamp in the face.

" What are you thinking we can't go to the clinic. The litpol hang out there. And the doctors always talk. " Harper shouted.

" There's litpol everywhere. Look at her! She doesn't look well. If this is a viral thing..."

Sarah piped in " I'm fine. It's just that this motel kind of smells funny. My stomach is a little sensitve right now. David's getting me gravel and stuff"

Lights flashed in the windows. It was probably David but everyone tensed up. They all looked in the window. The seventies curtains gave nothing else away. Renee fought the urge to peak. She quickly sat in a chair and tried to look causal. It was hard with everyone else sitting upright, it just didn't look natural. Then the door knob turned and the door slowly opened. Everyone exhaled in relief as David entered.

Sarah ran up to him and hugged him tightly. She sighed into him. Things were almost perfect in the world now. The only thing stopping her upper and complete happiness was this thing in her stomach.

Renee looked away envious. She didn't want David or Sarah she just wanted what they had. And now it was more than likely that she was going to die without really truly knowing love. Harper didn't even seem to notice the diffrence in the air.

He asked " What's in the bags?"

David smiled widely and left the comfort of Sarah. He put the bags on the table and started looking through the bags. All that rummaging was making Renee nervous.

" I'm glad you asked my friend. " David said elusively

Then he tossed Renee a box. It slipped from her fingers. She cringed as she picked it up. It was a box of blond hair dye. It wasn't just blond, it was blond. Barbie doll blond. Than he tossed Sarah a box of hair dye too. Sarah lifted it up and raised her eyebrows. Looks like Sarah was going to be a brunette. At least it wouldn't look weird on her.

"  Umm...are you planning on having some sort of spa weekend or something?" Renee asked

" There disguises" David said anonyed.

" If I dye my hair again it's going to fall our" Renee said

She looked at Sarah for confirmation. But Sarah was still looking at the box and moving it around her hands as it she was trying to figure out what it was.

" Well...bozo the clown ,your hair doesn't blend in" David argued.

" Fine. Whatever I'll shave it off" Renee said

" Oh that will be so much better..." David rolled his eyes.

Renee lost it. Renee threw her box of hair dye at him. She got even more pisse off when he had the nerve to catch the box.

" Do you have a better idea?" Renee shouted

Harper shrugged and said " You could become muslim for's not illegal..just frown upon...and you sort of would still be protesting..."

Renee looked up to the ceiling for guidence. The heavens didn't open up but the lights kind of flicked twice. She supposed that could be taken as some sort of sign. So, so was going to become a muslim for awhile...

This was going to be hard. This went against everything she stood for. Everything she was. Renee was argumentive and that was puting it nicely. She was that was still too nice. She was a b*****. Muslim women were typically seen as quiet, calm, serene. Renee had never seen a muslim women snap...she had seen the men though. But she wouldn't get trapped in stereotypes. Even if thats all that she had. Renee hadn't had any close muslim friends. She only knew what she saw on tv. Maybe this was a bad idea. She was going to get caught...

Renee bit her lip and said " I got to sleep on this"

The End

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