Out Of My Hands

23:50 - The Dark And Stormy Night - Ground Floor

"Follow me guys, I got a few friends that would like to meet you." Brendan told them. He wasn't sure what had happened since he'd left. Some of them were in a state of shock, those he empathize with. The others... had been wrestling on the ground.

Now the girl he had saved was crying. Well, again he could understand that. He had his fair share of guns pointed in his face. It wasn't a pleasant experience.

It was a difficult decision to be made by The Bard, but he was not a man to make people wait. Almost all of the decisions made thus far had taken only a few minutes. Seeing him pause even momentarily to decide what to do with these travelers was all the proof he needed to know they were important.

But it still bothered him that they now ranked as important as he did, and as such had to remove his hood to them. But he did so anyway, allowing his brown hair down nearly to his shoulders to run free.

Two men walked slowly towards him before casting a look to Spockeh, the only person he had a name for. "Coming?" he asked, half turning away from them.

"Wait just a minute!" one of the people still standing demanded. "We don't know where we are, who you are, or what you want."

Brendan looked around the room, seeing silent agreeance on all of their faces.

"Good, we'd be in trouble if you did." he responded with a smirk. "And I could tell you the answers to all those things, but more then likely you wouldn't believe me. So I'll tell you what I can.

"We have deep roots, and a far reach. You are in a small Canadian town, about an hours drive from the boarder. This building itself gets remodeled every so often, changing the disguise. But the real action takes place below ground." He pointed a finger down to add emphasis.

"Oh, and one last thing." he said. "The name's Brendan, but call me Ben outside this building. Now, if you would please?" he asked gesturing for them to follow him.

They still don't trust me entirely. he thought as he strolled to the back of the hall. They won't even speak to me.

He stood in front of a crooked painting of the ocean for a moment, letting them catch up. Two of the men were holding their unconscious counterpart.

Once they were all there he reached toward the painting and touched a seagull flying over the rolling waves. The picture receded into the wall, and then the wall split in two, revealing a large elevator.

As he looked upon the shocked faces, he merely smiled and waved them on. As one of them was passing by, he could have sworn he heard a whispered "bloody hell" from the same person who had questioned him before. I really should ask their names. he thought to himself again.

Once they had all squeezed into the elevator, he hit the emergency button. But rather than the alarms going off, the doors closed and the elevator went down. And down. And down.

Seven floors later the elevator rumbled to a stop and the doors opened. The narrow hallways walls were a dark blue, the floors were a brilliant polished wood. The track lighting on the ceiling illuminated paintings down the narrow stretch of wall. Whenever he came down to this floor, which wasn't often, he always hated having to walk across the floor for he knew someone would have to come behind him and clean them. He'd gotten the task more then once in his early days.

"Follow me. Though I don't really think you could get lost down here." Brendan told the group. Spockeh was the first to exit, followed by the only woman, then the figure in black, and the other two supporting the unconscious man who was starting to come to, then the final man behind them.

The previously unconscious man was grunting and slurring his words together to the point Brendan had absolutely no idea what he was saying, if he was saying anything at all.

Brendan turned to look at the only door on this floor, a 15 foot high, solid stained-oak door. It had intricate carvings all along it, but the predominant feature was a large infinity sign across the middle.

He noticed a few people starring at it, so he explained. "It's the symbol of The bard, as well as all of us who follow him. If you ever see a door with that symbol on it, you can be pretty sure they'll be friendly." He ran those words over in his head, then added without a trace of humor "That is, as long as you don't say anything to piss him off. But he seems to like you already. We've been helping you out for months now, ever since you first got into trouble with the Antagonists."

He then knocked on the door, a loud, solid sound. He stood to the side and looked away as it opened, whilst discreetly pulling Spockeh to the side. "I'm not allowed to follow you inside." he said seriously. "Don't lie, as he's probably testing you and already knows the answers. I don't know what he wants from you guys, but you better feel special. I've only seen inside that room five times in my 2 years working for him as one of his top spies."

He then smiled, realizing he'd laid that on a little too thick, then pushed him toward the door. They one by one filed into the dark dark room, and the heavy door swung shut.

"Well, guess it's out of my hands now." he said to the silent room. He turned back toward the elevator and pressed for floor two, where there was a small barracks like facility. I could use a bit of rest right about now.

The End

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