Falls Apart

2336 hrs Unknown building

Everything had gone wrong.

Spockeh almost didn't believe that the team was alive and still moving. They had squeaked by, escaping capture, or worse, by meer inches. First, he and Scorch had been ambushed by the LitPol in one of the buildings; Next, Scorch, Ninja and he almost got gunned down by a score of LitPol; And then to top it all off, Bugger gets hit over the head and they loose the Laptops, their one last connection to the other Protagonists.

Some mission, Spockeh though. He didn't even know where they were anymore. All he knew was that the person, whom the group was following, was a friendly, or appeared to be so.

"I hope you're up to meeting some new friends." The man had said as he parked the APC into a parking space. The group gingerly got out, letting the unknown saviour go first; they weren't taking any chances.

Once the group had exited the APC, Bugger supported by Trucker and Digger, Spockeh caught Phenoix's eyes for just a moment.

She looks scared, Spockeh though, What in god's name did we do? It was highly unusal that Phenoix got scared, only when the boys did something completly crazy, or there was a spider around, did she start to be scared.

Scorch slowly and carefully made his way over to Spockeh, "We're in a deep pile of crap now, huh?"

"Yeah, keep your eyes open, we don't wanna get caught with our pants down here." Spockeh replied quietly. The unknown saviour looked back at the group who had stopped just for a moment.

"Well, are you comming or not?" He inquired. He was standing by what appeared to be a heavy steel door that led into the building they had parked beside.

Spockeh looked at Trucker and Digger, they nodded, then to Ninja, his face was barely readable behind his suit, and then, finally, to Phenoix. Her face, ofcourse, wasn't holding anything back, she was scared and wanted to hide somewhere. He sighed and then started after the unknown saviour.

2341hrs Unknown building

As the last members of Spockeh's team entered, Ninja and Phenoix, the door was shut behind them and the limited amount of light was then crushed as the darkness overtook them.

Ok and at what point does the lights turn back on and there are standing two dozen LitPol with guns pointed straight at us? Spockeh asked himself. He heard movement to his right and turned quickly, accidently striking someone in the process.

"Ow!" A voice exclaimed, "Who the hell?"

There was a loud smack, then, "What the hell? Why am I getting hit?!" Spockeh finally registered the voice as Scorch's. He had hit Scorch who was then hit by someone else.

"Scorch calm down," He said.

"I'll calm down when the bastard that slapped me in the face shows his!" Came the reply.

"Ooops, that was me," Another voice said. It was Ninja.

"Dang it you sneaky son of... come here!" Scorch yelled. There was a loud crash and then sounds of a scuffle. But the action was interupted by the lights being turned on suddenly.

"Oh dear god! I can't see!" Someone yelled. Spockeh held a hand up, trying to block out the light while his eyes adjusted. He finally let his hand down and saw the room he was in.

It was simply decorated, a few pieces of furnature decorated the room. A standard tan carpet covered the floor, and Scorch and Ninja were on the ground wrestiling with each other. In one corner, the Unknown saviour stood amused. He had made his way over to the light switch while the group had fumbled in the darkness.

"Thanks for turning the lights on bub," Trucker said. He and Digger made their way over to a couch that sat by a wall. They set down Bugger on it, gently. When he was safely on the cushions, Digger took his pulse.

"I got a pulse," He announced relieved, "It's there, he's actually comming back."

"Good, that's really good," Spockeh commented. He carefully sank into a chair and rubbed his face. After all that had gone on, he didn't want to have to worry about where to burry a friend.

"Now, if you guys would be so kind as to wait, I'll get things moving along here." 'Saviour' said. Without further interuption, he slipped out of the room and disappeared.

When he had walked in the door, Scorch and Ninja disengaged and Scorch made his way up to the way that 'Saviour' had taken out of the room.

"He's gone," He said, "Just ducked into another room."

Now they could talk freely for a moment, "How you guys doing?" Spockeh asked.

"I'm ok," Trucker replied simply.

"I'm good to go," Digger answered.

"A-Ok," Scorch said.

"Green lights across the board," Ninja said. He sunk into a chair next to Bugger.

"I'm ok, I guess," Phenoix said. Spockeh knew that wasn't the case.

"Phenoix, if you ain't ok, say something." Digger said.

Phenoix looked at them, "Ok, alright, I'm not ok. I just had a gun pointed right in my face. How do you think I feel?" She asked rhetorically.

"Yeah, I bet that sucks don't it?" Trucker replied.

"It does! This entire thing seems to be falling apart ever since we had to blow up the Safe. I just don't know what to do anymore." Phenoix exclaimed. She was releasing alot of feelings now. She suddenly began to tear up.

"Hey now, no reason to cry," Scorch said. He went over to her and began to comfort her.

"Dang, what did we do?" Ninja asked. That question hung in the air for a while as the group went into silence. That was until their 'Saviour' made his way back into the group.

"Follow me guys, I got a few friends that would like to meet you."

The End

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