Argumentative Silence

Sometime later Dru came around again. She blinked owlishly at the ever-present light, guessing she must have fallen asleep again. Despite still being tied down, she flexed her shoulders trying to get rid of at least some of the knots that where forming there.

“Hello,” came a familiar voice. Dru jumped and looked toward the source. To her left, leant against a wall stood the lithe form of Darkliquid. Seeing him, Dru felt a curious mix of dread and anger; while one half of her quailed at his accusing gaze, the other half rose up and remembered he had left her.

“Why?” he asked, not moving from the wall. She gave him a pitying look. Teuthis must have forgot to tell the other protagonizers she was mute.

“I can go Gestapo if you like.” In any other circumstance that would have been funny – cue bad German accent 'Ve 'ave vays of make-ing you talk!' Now it just sounded pathetic. What could he possibly do they hadn't? On the arm of the chair she tapped out a response: 'I have no mouth but I must scream'. When he eventually figured out the Morse, she hoped he would get the reference. Dru turned her face away.

“For Frack's sake!” She turned back to see Dark stood away from the wall now, his brow furrowed and hands clenched. “Why won't you explain to me?” His face softened. “I could help you.” Dru pulled an incredulous face at him, smiled and let her head loll back. A small barking laugh escaped her damaged throat. She looked back at him, that same look of pity back on her face.

“Damnit! What am I supposed to do!” Dark yelled, pacing to the other side of the room, so he was stood with his back to her. Dru could see he held his hands up, almost in supplication to some god of logic. “You won't talk to me, you won't even look at me! What am I supposed to do?” He turned suddenly. “Help me fix this!” he pleaded. Looking into those beseeching eyes, for the first time in years Dru felt a small part of herself shift, a part she had kept hidden and shielded. But then, just as quickly, it was covered again. She looked instead at the floor.

'What do you expect me to do?' she tapped. Dark frowned at her, and crouched in front of the chair, trying to catch her eyes again.

“What did they do to you?” he asked softly. Dru looked up, and looked him in the eyes. Very carefully she mouthed 'I have no mouth, but I must scream.' On the last word she opened her mouth wide and left forth with all her anger, pain and frustration. All that came out was a high-pitched sound of rushing air.

The End

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