On Waking

Dru slowly opened her eyes and glanced about. She had no idea where she was or how she had gotten there. She shut her eyes, the light coming from somewhere hurting them. There had been cars involved, hadn't there? There must have been. She risked another peak but it didn't bring much insight. From the looks of things she could just as easily be in a house basement, a small warehouse room or a shop stockroom. There was no window, only a bare bulb in the centre of the ceiling. The room was tiny and carpeted. The floor and ceiling seemed to be made of concrete, and maybe bare plasterboard for the walls. She shut her eyes again and assessed her own condition. Her head throbbed like the worst migraine she'd ever had, her mouth tasted like the worst hangover and she had the desperate urge to empty her bladder. Dru sincerely wished she could just go back to sleep, but the chair she was sat in was extremely uncomfortable. Being bound to it wasn't helping either. Then voices began to filter through to her from behind. Dru sat forward, eyes open and alert. She strained to hear, trying to ignore the nausea that act caused.

“I can't let you see her man, you're not in a fit state.”

“For Fricks sake! Don't try and tell me I can't see my own wife. Move!”

“He's right Dark. You should let us handle it.”

“I want to find out why. Now get out of my damn way.”

Silence. Dru hadn't recognised either of the voices that weren't his, but they must belong to other protagonizers. Then:

“Dark, come eat first. Please?” That was Teuthis. So she'd gone back to the other side then. It figured.

“I'm not hungry.”

“Dark.” That was the male voice again. “You haven't eaten since we arrived. You need food.”

Silence again.

“Fine.” He sounded grudging Dru thought as the voices faded away. She relaxed back into the chair. Hearing his voice again, it didn't fill her with rage. Just a sort of cold grey space, no feelings one way or other. Perhaps Milton had been right all along. She smiled grimly to herself. Ironic that she would never have read Paradise Lost if it wasn't for the barbarism of book burning. Dru shut her eyes and leant her head back. Except, if he was, what had she to live for now?

The End

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