It all seemed like a bad dream now...Especially when she was avoiding reality. Renee thought she had broken her leg when she had jumped of the roof. But he was there...Captain Phelps popped out of  one of those doors that only open one way. He urged her in. She limped in. He gave her a bag of ice. And lead her to her friends. Her friends were sitting around an interragation table playing " War". Sarah ran to Renee and nearly hugged her to death.

" Thank you, Jesus" Sarah muttered

Dustin gave her a high five and muttered " Your worse than a cat how many lives do you have, fifty?"

Renee laughed breathlessly " I must"

Harper gave her a short nod. He had always been indifferent to her. Renee smiled and nodded back. She didn't get him but she wouldn't be rude to him. Maybe one day he would follow her lead.

Captain Phelps fed them the finest vending machine cusine and sent them out the back door with a set of keys. Not the their car. Or hers but another stolen car. As she left Captain Phelps held her back and smiled.

He said " Don't worry about those parking tickets"

Renee wanted to laugh but she just stood there gapping. She shook her head in disbelief this was to good to be true. What was in this for him?

" Why are you helping us?"

" You ever see old footage of the fall of the Berlain wall?"

" Yeah" Renee shrugged.

" I watched in fall on tv. Just after it had fallen. It seemed like world peace was achieved by just tearing apart a wall..haha...How naive was I ?I suppose you wanted to do the same. Do me a favour this time show the people real peace. We,ve forgotten who we are. We once were called the "global village". I shutter to think about what we are called know..."

Renee nodded " Thank you. Thank you...I'll try. I'll try my very best"

Renee blinked back the tears. There was no need to cry over this. She chose this path. No one else picked it for her or forced it on her. In some ways this was the most natural response. When she was in highschool she the musicpol had " The Volunteer CD drive" . It wasn't a charity event...far from it. People voluntarily seized over their " corrupted" music and he musicpol ran over it. No one was safe...Renee watched her father dump her entire cd collection into the giant heap. But it wasn't about the music for him. He was keeping score in their endless power struggle.

Renee couldn't blame her father for wanting a much more well behaved child. But all she wanted was to be heard. Their was unjustice in the world and she wanted to sing about it.

Renee didn't stop, Green day or The Butthole Surfers from getting smashed. She just watched numbly as they were repeatedly flatened by a steamroller. There were so many causalties that day...Bob Marley, Cat Stevens, Ace of Base...The musicpol posted their manisto on every post. They warned of the dangers of catching pop song. There was nothing more dangerous than a song you couldn't get out of your head. She wrote about it that night. When her father had gone to sleep she lightly sang it from her bed. She sang out " They can destroy the cds, but they'll never destroy music. Everythings music, a tap of a finger, a click of the tongue..."

Renee sighed and took a drag off her cigarette. It was a luxury she really couldn't afford. But she had no desire to quit. Even when they had no money. Dustin was at the pharmacy getting things for their disguise. He wanted to take thier rebellion to the top of the food chain. Renee wasn't too sure about she wanted. All she knew is she had to confront Harper about the diamond necklace....It was jammed in the back seat. He was the only other person in the back. He knew a whole lot and wasn't an open book. What was he hiding?

Renee stomped out her cigarette and threw it carelessly to the ground. She slowly  went into the motel. She went in to face the music.

The End

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