Lady Balls

This was the perfect time for some road tunes. Renee had something tougher and testrone filled in mind. But the station that came on was a " soft rock" station. What in god's name was soft rock anywa? Renee gagged as Josh Groban came on. She turned it up anyway. This was not the time for channel surfing, so Renee rocked out.

" You raise me You raise me " Renee sang

She ignored the litpol infront of her. They would either move or end up like the cones in her first driving test...Renee honked her horn. It was their only warning... Renee hit the gas. They didn't think she had the balls...even in the dark Renee could tell. Their guns were raised but their body stance was too relaxed.Their knees were bent and they were slightly slouched.Renee slowed down the truck and inch by inch she moved until she ran over the First guy's feet.  Then she backed up and did it again.

She didn't hear him scream. Josh Groban was already screaming in her ears. Renee saw that he got the point and backed up. His gun was pointed to closely at her driver side window but he didn't fire at her. Actually they all had good shots at her...They must want her alive. Why did they all think she knew some deep dark secert?Nobody told the mouthy one secerts.  

Renee reached the litpol station. Renee wondered how she was ever going to lift off the roof? She could barely drive a shopping cart, yet here she was driving a toe truck. She started playing with the crane just to see how it moved. She needed to know if she could even do this...But then the hooked hand of the crane got stuck underneath a drain or something...Renee sighed. This was not how she wanted to do this. But she hit the gas anyway. The noise was painful...The noise of metal bending...not Josh Groban...And then crash! The eavestrough fell into the truck's trunk.

What a fruitless effort...Renee made a tisk of disguss. She didn't have time for round two. She was surrounded by the litpol...this time in tanks. It was only two tanks but still it was tanks plural. Renee was more irrated the scarred, where was her tank? That was so unfair.

Renee raised up the arm of the crane. She threw open her car door and started climbing up the crane. It was way easier than climbing up a strippers pole.Ofcouse they couldn't shoot...Well they couldn't shoot to kill anyway. Renee got winged a bit.But it was all scare tatics. Why did they automatically assume every girl was a tender little lamb?Once Renee flopped on the roof ,she exhaled in relief. Then quickly picked herself up and Renee  started running out of sight. There was no rest for the wicked...

The End

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