A confusing ordeal

22:59 - Antagonist military base - Helicopter harness

Brendan descended at near free fall, stopping just before the roof of a building. Though complicated to put on, the harness came off with the slap of a button. The line was reeled in, but the helicopter was already leaving the scene before Brendan had time to take in his surroundings.

He was on top of what appeared to be barracks. It was only one story thankfully, so he jumped from the roof onto the soft ground. He tried to suppress a groan. This would leave footprints.

His stomach sank when he realized his mistake. There was a camera not 5 feet from him. Had he been seen? It wouldn't have been a very fitting end to two years of service.

Getting his head back, he took out a knife in a side pocket from his new bag. He was going to simply cut the cable when he noticed the camera light was off. But... how?

It took him mere seconds to piece together. The bard wasn't holding back anymore. He may be the only person in the field, but he had computer support from somewhere.

This relived him to no end, he could simply focus on the mission.

"Frank, is that you?" he heard a man, though far away, ask. Again his stomach was doing flips. He spun silently, but saw no one. That is until swift blue light seemed to swim through the night. That's when he noticed a man in a skin tight black uniform.

Is he another cloak? he wondered briefly. he decided it didn't matter. One way or another, he was friendly. That was a Litpol he had just knocked out. Then he started speaking, presumably to someone on a phone.

He couldn't make out what was said, but the man approached a building and opened the door, calling to someone. Brendan went to follow when something in his bag shook. It appeared to be some sort of PDA, though this was no standard model.

There was a satellite feed on the screen, and it suddenly occurred to him that the blue light he saw on the other man must have been a PDA as well. Maybe he was another cloak?

But then he focused on what was being shown to him. It was a truck, though there was a man approaching from the rear. There were two green circles around two people in the front, and a red circle around the man who seemed increasingly like trouble.

"Handy." he muttered to himself. He zoomed the screen out until he could see himself. He started moving toward the two, no, now three people in the car, when an explosion rocked the building the black clothed man had disappeared into. The door to the barracks was busted open at nearly the same moment, and a clearly recently awakened officer ran toward the other building.

Brendan took the risk of running in front of the barracks and the other building, hoping that the black clad man could take care of himself. He, after all, was not the one he was here to protect. If he was a cloak, anyway.

Brendan expertly scaled a fence, his insulated gloves and boots protecting him from the electricity he was sure coursed through it. Barbed wire ran the top length, and he was once again fortunate for the black Kevlar vest. Maybe not it's intended purpose, but it was enough.

He dropped on the other side, marking hardly a sound. He could hear radio crackling inside the vehicle, and threats being passed from yet another black cloaked man to a woman. The last thing I ever thought when I became a cloak was that I'd start a fashion trend. That's when he noticed the gun being pointed at her back.

The third man had seemingly disappeared. The satellite feed on the PDA showed the other man just outside the car door. Brendan grimaced thinking of the reasons a man would be lying face down in the dirt just outside of his car.

Much to his surprise, the other man had left the back door he had come in from open. As a rumbling sound came through the trees, he knew he had to get these people out of there. With his luck, this would be more Litpol on there way.

He slipped behind the man as a Litpol truck burst from the bushes. But, completely unexpected, he saw the man from his mission briefing come out of the truck. Spockeh? Why is he...

Then the driver jumped out, Brendan knew he wasn't Litpol. Then the cloaked man called his attention back to himself.

"Don't move, or I cap your female friend here."

His training kicking in, Brendan analyzed the situation. It wasn't looking great. His thoughts must have carried, because even once the black cloaked man from earlier emerged with a powerful looking rifle, they froze.

The man right in front of Brendan spoke again with an almost audible grin. "Now, which of you knows the location of the new Safe?"

Brendan reached for his stun gun, but remembered he no longer had it on him. So he went with his other physical weapons.

It only took one good strike to the back of the neck and the man went down. But when his hands started feebly reaching for the gun that was under him as he raised himself up, he took action.

Another smile twitched at the corner of his lips as he swept the hands of the cloaked man out from under him. He was prepared to finish this right there and then, but the ominous sound of a gun cocking stopped him cold.

For one frightening moment, he though the people he had just saved were turning on him. But the sound had come from behind.

He pulled the pistol from a hip holster and pistol whipped the man. He didn't want to shoot, and once again luck was on his side. The man was unconscious. Now he had but one foe to worry about.

"Step away from the Commander. And you there, don't bother firing; you'll just call Litpol attention."

The man, whom Brendan assumed was a pilot, made a gesture for Brendan to put down his gun. At any rate, he was right. Brendan couldn't shoot.

He slipped the pistol back in his concealed holster and started looking for a quick exit whilst backpedaling toward the open door.

The man with the gun walked up to the man on the ground he had called 'Commander' and checked his pulse.

Good. Brendan thought. It gave him time to escape. But his training was pulling at his senses. He couldn't just leave witnesses alive, they might have seen his face! They were conscious, and could call for help. But he found himself backed into a corner, and so he would have to swallow the verbal abuse on his return.

The man looked up, an unreadable emotion in the mans eyes. Brendan, bracing himself for the impact of a bullet on his Kevlar vest, stiffened slightly.

“Get out of here. I’ll hold them off for a while.” the man said, that unknown gleam in his eye. Brendan had no idea what this man was doing, but he didn't think it appropriate to ask. Instead, he discretely took a picture of him with a camera built into the back of the PDA.

he hurriedly urged people toward the car. The previous driver ran to the unconscious, face down man and picked him up. Brendan was relieved to see his chest was moving, so the man was still breathing.

But with the driver occupied, Brendan decided to take the wheel. He had special training anyway, so he was the most qualified for the job. Once everyone was in, he slammed the gas pedal and the SUV jerked forward at an alarming speed.

He looked around briefly, everyone seemed as equally stunned as he was. he hoped someday, he could repay that man. If he made it out of there, at any rate.

Brendan had been driving toward The Dark and Stormy Night for nearly 10 minutes before someone turned to face him. A look of fear was clear on the Spockeh's face.

“Turn it around, we have to go back. Turn this around!!”

“The place is going to be swarming with LitPols by now, you have a death wish or something?” Brendan said incredulously.

“No, we have to go back, the Protagonize laptops, they’re still in our truck!!”

"The what?" Brendan snapped back. But before he could answer, Brendan could see the little club just ahead. "It doesn't matter. They've probably already been taken. Besides, we're here."

And with that, he pulls the tank of a car into a space and gives all the guests quit the eye full as the oddest group of people pulled up in a Litpol armored SUV.

"Hope you guys look forward to meeting a few friends." Brendan says wryly.

The End

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