Ninjas in the Night

2253hrs 'Area 51.5'

The base had been carefully reconoitered by the team and a digital image had been created on Bugger's computer for all of them to see.

"Now, there's guard towers in the corner pockets so we need to steer clear of those," Spockeh said, "Our best bet is to try to get in the side, over by these buildings here." He pointed at a section of the fence behind what seemed to be a barracks.

"What should we do about the guards in the towers?" Scorch asked.

"Good question," Spockeh replied, "The towers are surrounded from roof to ground by a metal shell, so we just lock the door." Ninja smiled, he liked doing things like that.

"After we're in, where do we go from there?" Pheniox asked. She looked a bit aprehensive about attacking a military base, even one this small.

"We head for the buildings here and here." Bugger answered, pointing to two buildings beside each other. He and Spockeh had been talking about that for a bit.

"Ok, Bugger, you and Pheniox stay here and monitor the com channels of the base," Spockeh told him. Pheniox's eyes eased a bit for she realised she would be out of harms way, "Digger and Trucker get this building here," He pointed to building on the left, "Scorch and I will take the right side."

"Where do I go?" Ninja asked.

"You take care of the guard towers and barracks. We don't want LitPol swarming us when we step foot in the place." Spockeh answered. He looked at everyone and saw that they were eager to get going.

"Let's rock,"

2256hrs 'Area 51.5 Guard Tower A'

Ninja was in his element. His skin tight black Underarmour covered what his own custom 'Invisibility cloak' didn't. He stayed in the shadows and slipped past feet of fence before he finally got to the first door.

And now, for the fun part. He told himself. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his PDA. The LitPol locks were electronic, so if he put them into their lockdown position, the hapless guards above wouldn't be able to exit until he or one of the others said so.

He quickly hacked into the lock's mainframe, an easy thing to do, and quickly accessed its security protocols. The sensitive things they were, automatically locked when he tapped the button to begin hacking them. He allowed a small smile as he heard the reassuing click of the door's lock closing shut. He slowly disolved into the darkness once more and proceeded to his next target.

2258hrs Target Building A

Digger and Trucker had run full steam towards their objective, only resting when they took positions on either side of the doorway.

Digger held up three fingers and slowly counted down to one. At one, he made a tight fist and Trucker quietly opened the door. He rushed in quickly and surveyed the scene.

Inside of the building, there was a convoy's worth of vehicles, specialy modified and not, parked around the area. He didn't move from the threshold however.

"Bugger, do you have the security footage ready?" He asked. He couldn't move until he replied.

"Yep, I've had it looped for a while now, you're good." Bugger replied. Digger relaxed and motioned to Trucker, who had entered and slowly closed the door behind them, to start sweeping the area for intelligence. Even in a motor pool, you could still find some mechanic's log about modifications to a SUV that made it stronger than the average vehicle.

2258hrs Building B

Scorch and Spockeh had moved in to their target in similar fashion, not breaking their stride before they reached the doorway. But unlike Trucker and Digger who waited for each other to catch their breath, the pair, in one fluid motion, opened the door and entered within seconds of reaching the threshold. They sped through the enterance and closed the door behind them.

"That was easy," Scorch commented. He was out of breath.

Spockeh chuckled, "You ain't seen nothing yet."

Once their breath was recovered, they surveyed their building. It wasn't much to look at, just a bleak, long hallway that led to a solitary door at the end.

"I don't like this," Scorch commented as they got moving.

"10 4 on that buddy. But where else do we have to go?" Spockeh asked rhetorically. They quickly reached the door and stood on either side of it.

"Ready?" Scorch asked. He had pulled out his knife.

"Yep," Spockeh replied. The two rushed into the unknown behind the door in a fluid motion.

"Let me see your hands!"

2302hrs Barracks

Ninja had successfully locked down each of the guard towers in the area without much worry, now all he had to do was lock the barracks.

He slid back out from the shadows and brought his PDA to bear on the door, but he was interupted.

"Frank, is that you?" A man asked. Ninja froze, there weren't supposed to be any guards out now. Before the man could say anything else, Ninja whipped around quickly and threw a punch at the man's face. Unguarded and taken by surprise, the man crumpled to the ground in a lazy heap. Oh great, now I have to carry him.  He thought. He grunted as he picked the man up, finishing locking the door before he did, and hid the LitPol man behind the barracks where the group had entered.

"Bugger this is Ninja, I'm done here." He said.

His Bluetooth headset crackled, "Ok, proceed to Spockeh's building, that's the rally point." Pheniox told him. Ninja set off at a leisurly pace, jogging over to the door, but his heart had set off at a full tilt sprint and was beating fast and rapidly.

"Spockeh comming in," He said. He opened the door and found himself staring at an odd sight.

There were bodies strewn all over the hallway. Ninja immediatly hit the panic button on his modified PDA. It sent a message to any teamates in the area to his location.

"We got a fight here, don't see Spockeh or Scorch!" He said. He saw a door down at the end of the hall and ran for it.

2305hrs Building B

Spockeh and Scorch had run into a trap the first second they had walked in. LitPol guards were waiting within the next room, which was large and filled with scientific equipment. A group of LitPol had tried to jump them from behind, but had been quickly thwarted by some quick teamwork from the two. But their current situation wasn't good.

They were stairing down the barrels of 4 M4 5.56 NATO rifles which were all loaded, they thought, and were being ordered to surrender.

"I said, put your hands up you dirty Protagonist!" One of the members barked.

"Why?" Scorch asked. They had to stall for a moment more.

"Because you idiot, you're under arrest for tresspassing and murder of LitPol officers!" The LitPol guard said.

"And? I don't see your point here." Spockeh replied. He quickly surveyed the scene and found some cover lying just a few feet away. He calculated that it was thick enough to be able to hold back the LitPol bullets.

"Why don't you come up here and get us? You got the guns, we can't move." Scorch taunted. Two of the LitPol officer turned their heads for a second, but it was all the pair needed. They dove for the cover and hoped their impromptu plan would work.

The End

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