Dropping In

13:45 - Fleeing the scene - The woods

With each step that he grew farther south from the red headed girl he had just saved, the more he started getting concerned about his orders. The orders were to get her to the car, then go their separate ways to leave two trails to follow.

There's nothing I can do. he told himself. Besides, being out of jail, regardless of the situation, had to be better than in it. Didn't it? He could hear the sirens start falling behind him. Then distantly heard the sound of dogs barking, though soon he was too far away to hear anything.

Once he felt he was a safe distance away and completely out of ear shot, he grabbed the satellite phone from his goody bag. He didn't actually know the number, no cloak did, they just held the pound and send key for 5 seconds, and the phone called the number by itself.

"Status, Chaos." croaked the digitally modified voice on the other end. "Mission complete. Awaiting transportation." Brendan replied. He was all business, completely opposite from his usual personality, but people who angered this man wound up "disappearing" quite frequently.

"Good." came the raspy voice in what he could almost imagine being satisfaction. "Return to TDAST. And remember, no cloak." and then the line was disconnected.

20:12 - Holding position - The woods

He stayed put, knowing that his employer had logged his coordinates and was sending someone to get him. He had waited nearly a day before, though he wasn't really upset. He had been on retrieval before and knew that it wasn't as simple as going from point A to point B. Then he heard the rotors from the north.

No, it's not possible. he thought rapidly, taking in his surroundings. The Litpol couldn't possibly be this close. Then a blinding spotlight shone straight on his face, temporarily blinding him.

He shook his head as if he could simply shake the light from his face, then once he was able looked at the descending helicopter. There were no Litpol or other government markings, in fact there didn't seem to be any markings at all.

A rope and harness were tossed from the side of the helicopter, and he wasted no time in securing himself. He was hoisted to the door and brought inside, the helicopter already moving before he had gotten his balance.

He quickly glanced over the pilot, copilot and one other person in the back with him. All were wearing the signature dark cloaks, the hood keeping their faces hidden.

"So how was the circus?" asked the cloaked figure beside him. He must be new. Brendan thought. But he might as well not let the casual moment be wasted. He got far too few of those the last two years.

"Not too much of a mess for the cleanup crew. They will have to patch a spot in the wall though. And replace a power meter."

"Ah, they never learn do they." The man beside him said. And with a smirk, Brendan replied "Even if they did think of some way to keep us from blowing the power out, they'd be thrown in the furnace before they could speak the last word."

One of the pilots turned around and looked Brendan in the eyes. Or at least, close enough without being able to see each others face. "You've got a call. We're supposed to drop you."

With a sigh, Brendan took the phone. Never an easy night, is it? "Chaos." said his employer once the pilot had handed him his satellite phone. "You should be directly over a military facility. The Protagonists that blew up The Tower are just outside the main gate." Where does this man get information? Brendan wondered, his curious mind once again wondering when he should be concentrating on the situation at hand.

"Your mission is to get them out of there safely, whatever means necessary. If they talk, the Litpol will realize someone has been making things easier on them. We can't let the Litpol know we exist."

The words settled into his brain when the first sentence clicked. "Whatever means necessary? You mean -" "Yes." the voice interrupted. "All agency rules are hereby suspended for you. Good luck." And then he hung up.

The End

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