Hitting your head against a Hummer

Renee looked at the keys she had been given and started jingling them over her knee. God she felt like a kid with ADD. So...so restless. Her brain just wouldn't sit still and it was moving too fast for her.

She stuck the keys in the ignition, just so she would stop fidgeting, it didn't work. She began using the stearing wheel as a bongo drum but carefully avoided the horn. She did not need comapany.

The question that haunted her, was what know? She was free. How was she going to break out her friends? Was she going to break out her friends? They were probably blaming this whole thing on her. But she knew deep down she couldn't just leave them hanging.

At firist she thought about crashing into the building but it had those bricks. Those impentrable bricks that were on the tower. What she wouldn't give for a stick of dynimite right now...just one.

Renee open the car door and stuck her feet out. That's when she noticed the parking lot and the abandoned cars. This was a litpol police station...essenitally a small military base.  And her e-boyfriend had been a car thief.

There was no one in sight but Renee still crouched down and crawled behind each car. Until the line of vechicles became less asthetically pleaseing and more utilitarian. Renee sighed. Ofcourse her dream bubble was bursted. There was no tanks.There was a Hummer. Renee looked at the Hummer in disgust. She needed something tough, not something that talked tough but couldn't deliver. Like her Ex-boyfriend...

Renee looked around the parking lot. She couldn't believe this was a military station without a tank. Then she heard the angry voices and quickly ducked. Darn it ! She left her car door open. No one was stealing her ride. It was POS car but it was her POS. Then by some miracle the wind slamed the car door shut and the lit pol looked frantically for the culprit. But wait weren't her keys in the ignition...This was just getting worser and worser by the moment.

Renee took a moment to bang her head against the Hummer. When she lifted up her head she saw a tow truck accross the parking lot. She saw an action movie once where these guys...pulled the roof of a building with a tow truck. Renee didn't know if it was actually possible but she knew she had never seen a Hummer complete such a feat.

The lit pol had there flashlights out and had separated. Renee had to proceed with caution. She slowly crept where she didn't see lights. But her confidence was shaken when she heard the sounds of dogs barking. It got louder and louder.

Renee wondered why she was acting all polite, she was a fugitive after all it was time to start acting like one. Instead of walking around the cars. She started walking on them. She quickly leap from POS car to POS car. They shot at her but only shot for the legs. Her legs were not easy targets. Not only were they pencil thin but they were constantly moving.

Renee got so paniced she barreled off this one car. She winced in pain and looked around. The tow truck was in spiting distance but then so was the litpol. Renee got up and ran and ran until she touched it. Renee took of her boot and started hitting the driver's side window. This was harder than it looked. Nothing. Nothing. Then slowly there was a small crack. Thankfully the litpol shot at the glass. It shattered and fell like hail or freezing rain. Renee covered her face and lept into the storm and the truck.

She had dated this one guy named Nick. He was a total loser...He use to steal cars and tried to get her into it to. But ofcourse Renee wiped her memory of Nick. It was easy to remeber his smile and his laugh, his lies...Renee concentrated. Then it all came back to her...

The truck started up. Renee didn't drive anymore. But it probably was like riding a bike...Then crunch she heard something. Oh she just backed into a litpol agent. And she didn't signal.

But wait it was night time. She should kill the lights. She was surrounded by litpol and clearly didn't have the element of surprise but she still killed the lights. She honked her horn once. It was there only warning she didn't care if they had guns. She had a lead foot and knew how to use it.

The End

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