We're not lost

2227hrs Previous location of the Safe

Patterson stood and looked on with a blank stare at what had been a simple townhouse about half an hour before. Within the space of 4 minutes, the entire house had been taken off its foundation and just about launched straight into the sky like a big flaming missile. Fire crews rushed about still putting out smoldering pieces of debris or remains of the various fireworks strewn about everywhere.

How, He asked himself, how could a small group of juvinile deliquents do so much damage?

"It's quite simple really," Lieutenant Everstein said, surprising Patterson and snapping him out of his little thinking process, "You mix teenage ingenuity with a need for destruction and throw in freedom and you get this situation before us." A large fireball erupted from the depths of the still burning house, firefighters rushed to quench it.

"Really? If we can't hold back a few teenagers from cutting our legs out from underneith us, then what good would we be against the general public?" Patterson asked his right hand man.

"The public?" He asked. He laughed a cold mirthless laugh, "The public won't dare face us, they are afraid of the terrorists and of our reactions. They'll just sit on the side lines while we fight our little war."

"I hope so, we can't have the entire public against us."

"Indeed," Luke replied, "Now, where did those blasted teens go?"

2236hrs Near the Canadian/US border

Their destruction of the first Safe was widely publicized and was plastered on every tv that the group had passed. Even as the fires began to die down, Spockeh knew that their last hurrah was still waiting to be played.

After their little 'stunt' the team had picked a large forest from which to observe the bridge they wanted to cross in order to get out of this forsaken country. They had entered on the North-West side and had to make their way to the South in order to get close to their target. It was all off road from here.

As fate would have it, there was a small dirt road that went into the forest, presumably made by some old man who wanted to escape from the modern world and live his last days in peace. However, they had found the trail to be bumpy and almost non-existant in the darkness of night.

"This road is rediculous!" Pheniox cried out. As she grew up in the city, she wasn't familiar with 'trail blazing' as they called it.

"Oh pipe down back there, this ain't nothing! You should see the trails I have back at my place, they're crazy!" Digger retorted. They were all in high spirits obviously.

"Are we lost?" Pheniox asked after a bit of silence.

"No, we're just.... um... exploring. Yeah, exploring." Scorch replied quickly. The others nodded their heads, but Pheniox shook her head and remained silent. They continued along the path until they met an unlikely barrier: A barbed-wire fence.

Trucker, in the lead with his Ford, stopped, making the now two vehicle convoy, because of the theft of Pheniox's Jeep, halt in the middle of the woods where GPS was relegated to an Atlas.

"Little Bird this is Big Bird," Trucker's voice called out over their 2 way walkie talkies, "Are you seeing what I see?"

"Affermative on that one, I'm seeing a big fence. Interogative, how do you want to proceed, over." Bugger replied.

"Umm... Oh I don't know, wanna smash it?" Trucker asked.

"Negative on that one, repeate negative, I got a better idea." Scorch said. He hopped out of Bugger's van with a pair of industrial strength bolt cutters. He strode over to the fence's gate and simply cut the fence's lock. The heavy iron chain and padlock fell to the ground with a dull thud.

"That was easy," Digger commented. He reached over and pressed the Staples Easy button Trucker had on his dashboard. They watched as Scorch opened the gate enough so that they could pass though it. Trucker barreled through the open gate and didn't pause when Bugger slowed down to let Scorch in his van.

"Nice idea," Spockeh commented. He gave Scorch a quick high five before they began moving again. They continued uninterupted for a bit before they found their next perplexion: another fence, but this one had a large sign on it.

"Hey, Trucker, do you see what that sign says?" Bugger asked. Trucker's F150 blocked his view.

"Yeah, you'll like this one: 'WARNING: You are now entering restricted territory. This facility and grounds is monitored and protected by... LitPol.'" Trucker read from the large sign.

"Ooh, base in the middle of no where? Me like," Scorch commented with a grin. They hadn't completly wasted their entire stock of explosives with the Safe's farewell.

"Interogative: Should we go greet the base?" Digger asked. Spockeh sat and mulled the idea over. He looked from Pheniox to Scorch to Bugger and then back to Scorch.

"How many breaching charges do you have?" He asked.

Scorch grinned, "Enough,"

The End

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