The Second Abduction

13:25 - Behind a Litpol station

Brendan counted down in his head as he ran for cover.


He pressed himself against an old, thick tree.


Slipped earplugs in.


Scrunched his eyes closed.

Then the ground gently shook for a split second and a sound like a thunder crack reverberated through the air. After some shrapnel flew past him he checked out his handy work. If you hadn't known the meter box had been there, you would have never noticed it's remnants.

Then he made a break for the front of the station, the only entrance. As he came near the corner, four Litpol agents rushed out and ran right toward him. The lack of weapons told him they hadn't seen him yet, but if he didn't think quickly that would change.

He looked at his options for a moment. There were some trees. No, too exposed. he ruled out the option as quickly as it had come to him. He looked around for an alternative. He could already hear the footsteps and chatter of the officers.

He took the only option he could think of. He pressed himself tightly against the corner. Hopefully he would go unseen. People had a one track mind in crisis situations, which an explosion certainly would be to the Litpol. Hopefully if he didn't look to much like aftermath, he would go unnoticed. Yeah, right.

The Litpol rounded the corner, and as always luck was not on his side. He was a sore thumb in his cloak, ebony against grey. Two pulled out stun batons while the third pulled out a pistol. The fourth reached for a radio.

That's when Brendan's training kicked in. In one fluid movement, the radio was knocked from the mans hand and clattered to the concrete and a black arm encircled his neck.

"Tell your partner to drop the gun." Brendan whispered into his hostages ear. "Put down the gun man!" his hostage obliged. After the pistol wielding man was disarmed, Brendan shocked his hostage with the stun gun and even managed to stun the gun wielding man.

Then with one kick and two punches, the two stun baton wielding men were subdued.

He ran silently into the station. Was that everyone? he wondered. No. There was still movement in the back. But from behind a two-way mirror, he could see a young woman with red hair. That has to be Bluejay.

He could hear the conversation inside. "I've never seen that necklace. Or heard of any of those other things." Bluejay said innocently as she could. That's when Brendan noticed the officer in her room. This was an interrogation.

The officer nodded. "Renee, one of your friends has some valuable information for us." Renee? he thought. She must have given them a false name. Then again, who wouldn't? "If you work with us," the man continued. "We will work for you..." but Brendan cut the officer off by kicking the door open.

The stun gun quickly found the exposed skin of the officers neck and he crumpled to the ground. Then he lifted Bluejay to her feet. "Bluejay, come with me. I am a friend."

But she didn't. She looked scared for her life. With a heavy sigh, he adds "Please don't scream." and lifts her bridal style and runs from the room. As he leaves the building, he has no choice but to run past the unconscious Litpol. I probably scared the poor girl to death.

When he got to the car, he put her down and handed her the key. "It's yours. Just head toward the orange dot on the gps. They will protect you. Don't get caught."

Hearing the sirens already approaching, Brendan has no choice but to let those parting words suffice and runs into the dark woods.

The End

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