Father to Daughter

So this was it...Raven's Father hugged her tightly. Bone crushingly tight. Never letting you go, tight. Physically she felt it. But inside she was infested with something. In the tower it crawled it her head. Rewired her brain. Then ate up her heart. She didn't want to feel this angry but she was. And worest of all she wanted to embrace it. Make it her catalyst.

Her Aunt and uncle gave them privacy as they hovered in the kitchen. Raven could smell Coq au Vin cooking from the crock pot. Her mouth watered. Oh god how long had it been since she last ate?

She quickly pulled away from her father. She didn't cry this time but he was crying. It was the first time Raven had ever seen a man cry outside of tv land. She had always thought it seemed so fake or wussy. This wasn't either. Raven's cold heart flinched and wanted to take away all the pain. But Raven was the source of the pain. She got involved with something she just couldn't suddenly stop. They were looking for her.

Raven brushed her red clown hair out of her face. God this need to be dyed right away...She needed a new face to go with her new identity. She needed to get the hell out of here. They new she was alive and that was good enough.

Her father seemed to read her mind " No, We stay here. You are my baby...We are family. We stand together"

Even as he said that he wondered how much of it, he really meant. Sure the intent was there but that just wasn't enough. Her Father worked for the propaganda machine. The litpol were the editors. They read every article and sent the pages back with large black blocks all over it. Her Father had never liked it but if you want to play the sport you wear the uniform, you follow the rules.

" What if I ask you to do something for me...well alot of things for me?" Raven asked ashamed.

" You are my child...I..."

Raven interrupted " I need a fake ID...hair dye...I can't stay Robin McCuaig and live"

Her father nodded " We ran a story not long ago the litpol were looking for a man who was selling fake id's etc...off the record the said his work was falseless. They only reason they caught on was because some one snitched during interagation. They killed the informant and now they have nothing. The only problem is he's in Toronto"

The End

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