Lack of Trust

"Then how can I trust you?" Gwen challenged, gripping the door and threatening to close it again.  "We're desperate, not stupid."

"I never said I did Protagonist interrogations..."

"... and yet you claim they've been watching our every move.  If that's true, then they could've avoided the explosion.  Besides, they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  If you did know anything about us, you'd know we're dead-set against violent measures if they can be avoided..."

"...and so you blow up, with great force I might add, your own compromised Safe, taking a few LitPol with it."

Gwen shrugged.  "Hey, life needs a bit of a bang now and then.  We prefer more subtle, artistic bangs, but, y'know, even with the authorities being in the wrong place at the wrong time, sometimes you just can't pick up on subtle details."

"Just like you're not picking up on the hint that it would be in your best interest to consider my advice?" Scheherazade asked almost mockingly.  "It's obvious your group doesn't have enough strength to overthrow the Antagonists on your own, there just simply aren't enough of you.  Which would serve your best interest?"

The pianist shook her head.  "I'm sorry, but I'm not in a position to make that decision.  We make most decisions collectively, and the few and far between that are solo efforts are made with only the common good in mind."

Scheherazade did a little sidestep, trying to put herself between the redhead and the door.

"Besides," Gwen continued defiantly, "I don't have an inkling of trust in you.  And until I do, I cannot, nor will not, make a decision."

Geez, haven't they noticed I'm gone? she couldn't help but wonder, starting to become a bit panicked.

"Very well then," the other replied ominously.  "Perhaps, then, your mind will have to be made up for you."

Gwen couldn't help but gulp nervously.

The End

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