The new Scum

Darkness fell over the city as Ash and Afro finalized their plans for bombing the Litpol Headquarters. Afro wasn't sure if the pair could manage this task but they were going to try. He had his climbing gear ready and selected the cans of spray to be used.

There was no turning back at this point, he wasn't even sure if they could pull this off. However he wasn't going to let them beat him down. The conversations between the new Gypsy Ashenya and himself about selections seemed to be a blur. There were two pieces they've selected. The gypsy and Afro's trademark musician girl, with his supplies they figured they could make them quite large and ensure everyone got an eyeful. Afro was quiet as they approached the building, Ash had taken him by surprise with her new outfit. He was quite stunned as for once he really had nothing witty to say. So he slipped inside his head this time.

There wasn't enough time to rough anything out before he began tagging, it was go for broke or go home. Afro looked up at the menacing building, at least seven floors and no time to decide on approach. Circling the building the pair discovered a fire escape ladder allowing them roof access, with a little elbow grease they had knocked the ladder loose. Afro did his best to ensure the ladder was placed silently against the pavement. Before they decided to scale the wall Afro turned to Ash.

"I can't ask you to do this, if you want to turn back and leave me to it. I'll be ok with it, I don't honestly know how I'm going to get out if we're seen." Ash glared at Afro and gave him a playful slap across the head.

"You idiot, I've been doing this just as long as you. I'm not afraid of being caught, I'm afraid of being caught and not fighting back. Let's do this." Afro grinned as he scaled the ladder. He noticed Reeza lazily poking her head out of his pack as she looked down the ladder. She scampered onto his shoulder as
they approached the roof. Afro began the process of hooking himself to the first wall, when he was younger his old man had taken him rock climbing. He never really found a good use for the skill to this point. They had two large tasks, the first tag was his musician against the north wall. He was forced to suspend himself by the rope for this task. Ash would be at the top with Reeza to keep him covered. The second was on the smaller building attached to the Litpol office, it was a building two stories lower and they intended to tag the exposed wall between the two.

Afro did his final check of all equipment before taking Reeza off his shoulder. Setting her down beside Ash the small weasel gave her master a pleading look before he stepped near the edge. Ash seemed to mimic Reeza's stare before he gave both girls his "Don't worry I know what I'm doing" grin before pushing off the edge.

Afro hit the side of the building and took out his first can of spray. Tracing over the pattern in his mind he wondered if this was his way of saying sorry to that musician girl. She was not afraid, she accepted she would bleed for her music. After that, he began his own personal rebellion. His cropped brown hair began to grow longer, his once perfectly kept goatee became long. He had heard of an underground tattoo artist who was still practicing his trade.

After that, the nine to five corporate zombie closed his eyes, and it was Afro that opened them. He decided he would live his life without compromise, even if it meant total oblivion. The next can fizzled out as Afro replaced it with a fresh can. Continuing his work he saw Ash looking cautiously over the edge at him.


Afro shook his head, "Keep to the work old boy". He reminded himself as he kept moving. She was a good girl, heck he felt a little bad pulling her into his world. However they were protagonists, at least she was. He was doing a damn good job at faking it.
Even if he failed, Ash would be changed. She had Reeza and his black book, he would live on right?

Two hours passed as Afro continued his trade, almost completing the first piece he had braced his foot against the smooth grey concrete and he began to pull himself up. Taking a breather in a windowsill he decided to take a small look inside the quaint office. He frowned as he realized there was very little sign of life inside the office except for a family portrait. The wife looked so happy, a perfect family. Afro frowned to himself as he wondered what world bringing a child up without art or music would honestly be like? He closed his eyes for a moment. Sometimes he wondered what the other side would be like. Would he actually be happy with it?

"Oh my god" Afro's eyes shot open as he realized the woman who owned the office decided to have a late night. She was staring blankly out the window as Afro looked back to her. She ran for her phone and began dialing security. Afro cursed as he pushed off and began scaling the wall.

"No! I'm not going out like this! Not now!!" He threw his pack off as he held the last two cans as he knew this would be his final piece.

A blinding light surrounded Afro as they had prepped a searchlight. Afro turned towards the light as he tried to force his eyes to refocus. He felt something pointy stinging his arm. Brushing his hand over the area he felt something cold and metallic jutting out of his bicep. Jerking it out he could feel it was a dart, he tried bringing the dart to his face. Suddenly Afro began to realize things were looking grey, no color anywhere. Shadows began playing over his eyes as his vision began to fail. Terror began to grip Afro as he realized he was now suspended against the litpol building and vision was rapidly failing. A booming voice cut his panic time short.

"Drop the spraypaint Protagonist!"

Afro rested his head against the cool concrete as he raised his middle finger to the Litpol. He wasn't sure if Ash was still up there, or what was going on. However, he prayed Reeza would at least have enough common sense to get her out of here.

The End

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