Daddy's Girl

Raven sighed as she entered the red TT.Her Aunt Hèlène looked her over. She raised her eye brows. Ravan was always the good one after all. No one could have forseen this.

" Mon Dieu, You look like sh** " Hèlène said.

Raven rolled her eyes " Let's just get out of here"

" I ment it in a good way...sort of. You look like someone who's been through alot. You look wiser" Hèlène said

The TT left the gas station and headed for Nepean and her Aunt and Uncles house. Hèlène threw her cell phone into Raven's lap.

" Call ton pèrè, he is going crazy" Hèlène said " They told him you commited sucicde. We had a funeral..."

Raven looked down at the floor and started tearing up " I feel dead"

Hèlène gave her knee a tight squeeze but said nothing. Hèlène was always a reader and had disagreed with the movement from the start. She and her friends still managed to keep up their book club. Reading everything from classics to trashy romance novels. Whatever they could get there hands on.

Raven looked out at her reflection in the mirror. She appeared transparent, like a ghost. Raven put her hand up. Her hand met her ghost hand. Suddenly her reflection looked angery.But she knew why she felt that way .And why she didn't feel the need to hide it.  It wasn't over. It was far from over.She had a father that was a publisher of five newspapers and she was Daddy's girl.

The End

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