Foe Diamonds

13:20 - Highway - Grey Car

Brendan was going down the highway toward his marked objective on a gps system. The illegal paper had been a dossier, but had told him barely more than he was to assist a high priority Protagonist. They were, unbeknownst to themselves, being tracked.

They had "escaped" from The Tower, but before they had nearly been pushed out the door they had been given a necklace. Inside this necklace was a radio sending constant information to the Antagonists. It was assumed they did this so they would hopefully lead the Antagonists to the "Safe". A meeting place for the Protagonists.

However it was by this same signal he was to find her. The dossier said that her name was Bluejay, handle Raven. It also included a blurry picture, though all that could clearly be seen was a head of brilliant red hair.

He passed the target by, the dot was dead in the middle of a Litpol station. Too many witnesses, too many people to see the car. Plus it was daylight. So he drove along for a while longer before driving off the road and a little ways behind some shrubs and trees.

Before leaving the car, he popped the trunk and retrieved his "goody bag", as he called it. Then, using the trees as cover, Brendan made his way along the building. And as he had predicted, no one ever thought to put cameras along the wooded back of the station. The only covered places were where the doors were.

Locating the power meter, he takes a look in his bag. Inside was an untraceable encoded satellite phone, and 10 or so baseball sized explosives. He wasn't sure what the stuff was, but he knew it made a big bang. Besides, he wasn't being paid to know stuff.

After he had picked one up, he also noticed a stun gun. If someone else had been there, he would have probably complained about the no killing policy. But in truth, he was grateful for at least something more than his fists. Though being trained in three different martial arts, those would do just fine.

"Back to the mission." he told himself. He was too easily distracted by such simple things. Slipping the stun gun into his cloak pocket, he activated the timer on one of the grenades. Then, in the time span of 15 seconds, he placed the grenade in the meter box, shut the door, and ran into the woods.

The End

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