Everything ends with a Bang

1504hrs The not-so-Safe

As Spockeh and crew watched the other Protagonists file out of the Safe, after collecting some personal items and breaking up a close call with Scorch and 'Gwen', the weight of their mission began to creep up on him. He observed as 'Dark' and his pal, 'Gwen', Minder and Robyn, assisted by Phenoix, left without further ado. The group paused a moment as they heard the reving of an engine and the sound of the said engine fading into nothingness.

"That's it then? No 'Good job on disrupting the Antagonists' or 'Thanks for all that you've done'? This is one messed up place." Digger said.

"It's Canada, we'll never understand the people here." Scorch observed.

"Well, you heard 'Dark', it's time to make this place go up in flames." Spockeh told them. They looked surprised.

"You aren't really going to follow that guy's orders are you? Are you?" Digger inquired. All eyes turned to Spockeh.

"Yes," He replied, "I'm shocked that you are trying to turn down a highly dangerous operation that will involve lots of LitPol and plastic explosives. And I thought that you hadn't changed." The group began to furriously change their arguments, trying to defend their rebelious poses.

"Ok, ok! I get it! Geeze, I wasn't going after you guys. Now, who wants to make this place light up like the Fourth of July?" All hands went up in the air.

2135hrs Hill overlooking the Safe

After 5 hours of rigging just about evey object in the Safe to explode, and another hour to check the wires and set up their fake signal that would draw in the LitPol, the group had evacuated the area and retreated to their previous dwelling. It was almost like 1 step forward, 2 steps back. But there they sat, looking down at the now peacefull and empty Safe.

"It's so quiet," Phenoix commented. She, Scorch, Spockeh and Digger stood just beyond visible range of anyone that may be looking in the tree line.

"Yeah, but it won't be for long," Scorch replied. He had been almost bouncing around the Safe during their prep time where they had been wiring explosives.

"Yep, and now, the calm before the storm." Spockeh said. They stood in silence while they watched the Safe, so quiet and calm from the outside, only it wasn't so calm on the inside.

They turned around and looked at Ninja who had ducked quickly into Bugger's van and had quickly re-apeared with a trumpet, the polished brass shown in the moon light.

"It's almost Memorial Day," He commented. Indeed it was.

"Do we still have that flag with us?" Scorch asked. Phenoix looked at Spockeh and Digger.

"Um... yeah, it should be in Trucker's truck." Digger replied. He would know since he was Trucker's wingman.

Scorch trotted over to the truck and hopped in for a moment, but jumped just as quickly out with an American flag held in his hands.

"It's time to remember," Scorch said. He put the flag on the truck's antenna which served as a makeshift flagpole. Spockeh glanced at his watch: 2145hrs.

"This may be the best time to do it, go ahead." Spockeh told Ninja who held his trumpet with a white-knuckle grip.

Ninja nodded and took a deep breath, then lifted the trumpet up to his mouth and began to play. The slow, mournful notes of Taps blew through the group as they stood in silence, staring at the flag, which blew in the small breeze.

As the song began to fade, Spockeh felt a sudden urge to sing, so he did. But it was no new song, it was one written during the War of 1812, but meant so much to America: The Star Spangled Banner.

The song reverberated though the camp as the night almost seemed to stop completely to allow them peace while they remembered their old home. Spockeh felt an odd weigh start to creep on him. Not the one of the mission, but that of the need for it to succeed. He felt that all would be lost if he failed. But yet, someway, somehow, he knew that he would succeed.

As that song began to die, it was revived again in his head as it continued to play, but it wasn't by his group, nor a small band, but by a loud, in-numerous chior and band. The notes and words flowed with a certain grace that couldn't be replicated, and he felt oddly calm as the song began to end.

Now with a new wave of confidence, he strode over to the little lookout and saw a LitPol van drive up to the side of the street and stop. It had begun.

Soon, more LitPol officers swarmed the area, which came to a climax when a heavily armored vehicle drove up. It stopped and lowered its back ramp. As the ramp was lowered, Spockeh could only simle as he saw his nemisis, Patterson, walk over to a small makeshift command post.

He pointed to a group of heavily armed and armored LitPol officers, which at once, began to rush up the stairs to the building. It was time to say good bye to Canada.

Spockeh began to smile. But it was not a happy simle. No, it was one of those smiles that a person gets when they find that their plan is about to be accomplished in ways that they never thought. He turned to Scorch and stared at him.

"Scorch," He said. Down below, a LitPol officer was about to bash down the door, "Cry havok, and release the hounds of war."

With that sentence, Bugger pressed a button on his laptop, and the 1812 Overture began to play from inside the building. The door was bashed down and the officers, with more in tow, rushed the building. Then, Scorch pulled out a single plastic detonator that had been colored on to signify his very own personal detonator, and pulled the trigger.

The roof was the first to go. It exploded, exposing a few fireworks, but only for a few seconds before they too shot off. With another press of the trigger, the rest of the building went up as well. Their stock of homemade explosives went up, lighting the night like it was mid-day. The LitPol were too shocked to respond, and failed to see the van and Ford truck come out of the woods behind them and roll away. Mission accomplished.

The End

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