A tough choice?

" You can't keep me for parking tickets!" Renee wailed again.

Captain Phelps grinned cruelly and shook his head " I can hold you cause your not conforming. I can hold you cause your making music. I can hold you for any reason I see fit. You are quite naive..."

" I'll play the parking tickets!" Renee shouted in his face

Captain Phelps pushed her off him and just keep shaking his head. But still she was way too young to be sent to the tower or the furnace...He remembered those young years of rebellion...It was a long time now but he remebered his first taste of adult hood. He was in teachers college and spent most of his days sleeping off a hangover. Until he got booted from school...

" It's not about the parking tickets. You are a person of interest so we are holding you. Legally I don't even have to tell you why but I'm sure you already know why." Captain Phelps said.

Renee sat in her steel chair looking at him sullenly. She looked at the two way glass and was very tempted to give it the finger. But the satisfaction would only last a few seconds and then they would put her in  her place again. Renee decied the smartest thing to do was to play it nice do things their way...

" So you want me to talk..." Renee asked uncertainly

" We already know you blew up the Tower that is irrelevant to us...We want to know how you are familar with the terrorist ' Bluejay' " Captain Phelps said.

As he spoke he slide a diamond necklace on the steel table. It looked so out of place here...like a princess among thugs. Renee touched it shyly. She had never seen that much diamonds up so close. Renee grew up as white trash and probably would die that way. Renee picked it up. God...It was so heavy. Renee didn't put it on but rested it on her neck. God she was going to fall over with this thing on.

Captain Phelps got up and abprutly left the room. Renee looked up and saw shadows move behind the one way glass. What now?

Captain Phelps strode back in and lined up against a wall.He stared at Renee hard and looked right through her. Renee self conciously put down the necklace.

" You've never seen this necklace before have you? And I bet the name Bluejay means nothing to you. And the word Protagonist means nothing to you even though you used the symbol..."

Renee hopped this was going the way she thought it was. Renee quickly shook her head. She could play dumb. She spent most of her life playing dumb. Ofcourse they would assume she was stupid. You couldn't be pretty and smart.

" I've never seen that necklace. Or heard of any of those other things" Renee said.

Captain Phelps nodded " Renee one of your friends has some valuable information for us. If you work with us, we will work for you..."

The End

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