Parking Tickets

Captain Phelps started out as an officer in this tiny police station. Back then it's main function was a drunk tank and the biggest crime they ever saw was a cow tipping. But now they had " The Tower". The Captain thought bitterly. Even though it was only a foundation now. It hadn't changed a darn thing. Those Litpol big wigs were still breathing down his neck.

Captain Phelps looked over the criminal records on his desk. Ofcourse he was the last one to see them. The important parts were highlighted for him so that all he was, was there mouth piece. Captain Phelps sighed and closed the files. He picked up the first one and took it to interragation room one. It was show time...

She was pretty. Cute. But rebelled against it. Her hair was over-dyed verying shades of reds and as result it lay flat and lifeless against her face. Under her hair peaked out a white face with wide brown eyes. They were especially wide right now. Renee"s back was also curved into a wide "C". She cradled herself in her arms and refused to aknowledge anyone in the room.

Captain Phelps pulled up a chair beside her. Renee looked startled and shifted uncomfortablely in her chair. The Captain gave her a quick smile and cleared his throat.

" Renee, I'm afraid we can't let you go...Your record shows that you have some unpaid parking tickets"

Renee's fear quickly dissolved and turned into irration, anger. Renee's cheeks were scarlet. The only thing that was missing was steam coming out of her ears.

" Your going to hold me for parking tickets !?! This wouldn't even be an issue if the had free parking downtown!" Renee rambled.

" I'd really like to help you, because you seem to have just been strung along" Captain Phelps said sympatethically.

Renee looked at him puzzled. She didn't look like a girl next door. She had never acted like one. This was one of their police jedi tricks. Well she wasn't falling for it.

" Suck my c****"  Renee responded.

Captain Phelps rolled his eyes and whispered low " Help yourself out here girly. I'm giving you an out all you need to do is forget your little terrorist group ever existed"

" Suck my c****" Renee repeated

The End

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