War of Words

Now truely free, the group had already begun to stockpile 'ammunition' for their 'show'.

"That's one crate of C-4, two of Green fireworks, two of Blue, two of Red, Yellow, White and for some odd fracking reason: Pink." Scorch read off. He was sitting in a makeshift chair made of of the crates of explosives.

"I got my stuff set up here!" Bugger announced from an adjacent room. He sat in a room covered with tech equipment that hung from the ceiling and walls.

"I'm good in here!" Phenoix announced. She had taken an oak desk with her and had set up a plesant writing station complete with a coffee maker.

"Hey Digger! You got the beds?" Trucker asked from another room. Digger walked into sight carrying two standard Army 'cots'.

"Yeah, keep your pajamas on." He said.

"I'm good to go!" Ninja yelled from the room beside Digger and Trucker's. His was painted black to suit his 'clothing'.

"Ok, that makes our official headquarters ready to go!" Spockeh announced. The group shared a small cheer and went back to organizing their work/living quarters.

"Hey, you heard about the LitPol's CO making a statement later?" Bugger asked Spockeh. He had come out of his secluded room for a moment and was covered with dust.

"Yeah, I heard something about it," Spockeh replied, "You thinking what I am?"

Bugger nodded, "Yep, I've already tapped into the Cable channels. All I need is to set up that camera of ours and hook it up to...."

"Thanks Bugger," Spockeh said. He walked away and let Bugger work. He walked around to each room and looked for ways to help. Unfortunaetly, there was no need for help as they were mostly done, except for the main room.

Everyone helped with the main room. There was an enormous 3 peice-fit-together couch/recliner/bed that needed to be brought in. After that, the stereo system was needed to be hooked up to the TV. And speaking of TV, it was the piece de resistance. It was a 58in LCD Westinghouse. Things couldn't get better than this.

"Count of 3. 1...2...lift!" Trucker counted. At that moment, He, Digger, Spockeh and Scorch lifted up and carried the largest piece of the mega-couch over to the back wall. They gently set it down and then moved onto the next piece: A corner.

In all, the 'renevations' took 3 hours for the room, 1 hour for the main room's mega-couch and another hour for the TV to be set up and tuned to Bugger's computer which could wirelessly transmit its screen to that of the TV's. After all was said and done, the group, in exaustion, flopped down into the soft apholstery of the couch and relaxed.

"Ain't this great?" Scorch asked. He had taken up part of the fold-out bed/couch.

"Yeah, this is the good life." Trucker responded. He was sitting next to Scorch.

"All we need is Monday Night Football," Digger commented, "May God have mercy on those idiots souls." The group had a moment of silence for the NFL had been banned along with the MLB, MLS and just about every single professional sport including Chess.

"Back to the good life," Bugger said, swinging the conversation away from the side track, "What are you exactly thinking to do about the Commandant's delusional rant?"

Spockeh sat in thought. He had only thought about it for a second before, "We shouldn't break off the entire thing. That would cause more trouble than it's worth. No, I'm thinking along the lines of... 'outside assistance'."

Bugger raised an eyebrow, "Outside assistance'? What the hell is that?" Across the couch, Scorch was smiling.

"It means an impromptu speech made up by me." He explained.

Bugger smiled too, "Oh, well then, I guess all we have to do is wait."

From the side of the couch, they heard a loud outcry and saw Scorch looking at the secuity camera set up at their vehicle's garage.

"They swiped the Jeep! I can't believe it! They swiped the Jeep!" He exclaimed. Digger and Trucker dove for the monitor to see the feed and moaned in agony.

"Now it's on," Trucker said.

1133hrs Current HQ of 'Lost' Protagonists

After a quick test of equipment and connections, Bugger had given the green light to proceed with the 'assistance'. Scorch was sitting in Ninja's room where, if the lights were turned off and a small lamp was turned on, his face would be completely hidden from the camera's lense. With everything ready, it was now time to wait for the Antagonists to move.

At 1135hrs exactly, every TV in the city was turned on and tuned into the LitPol/Government channel. The local LitPol commander was visible, sitting behind his desk in what seemed to be his office.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am Commandant Patterson, Commanding Officer of the local Literature Police. I have called you all to your television screens for this reason: to reasure you about your safety." Patterson said. He was sitting behind his desk in what seemed to be his office, "I am asuring you that the so-called 'Protagonists', really terrorists, are being delt with as we speak. Everything that we have done has been..." It was with that sentence that his transmission was cut off and Scorch's was inserted.

"... absolutely futile." He said mimicing the Joker's voice from Dark Night. Across the city, the citizens were sitting astonished as he had just used two of the 'forbidden' words and had cut off their schedualed program, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages, let me tell you something." Scorch continued, "Everything that this bumbling idiot has said is false. Becuase as you can see, I'm here. And he isn't." The screen turned back to Patterson who was conversing with an aide of his.

"What is this... abrupt interuption?" Patterson asked.

His aide shook his head, "I don't know sir. Our counter-hackers can't find the trail that should be there. It's impossible to find them now."

Patterson looked at the man, "Do you know what you just said?"

"Yes sir, that it's impossible to find.... Oh please sir, don't!" The aide pleaded, finally recognizing his mistake.

"I'm sorry, but small error or not, that was a breach in policy." Patterson replied calmly and coldly. He snapped his fingers and two LitPol guards appeared and took the aide away. The transmission went back to what should be Scorch, but was Spockeh.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, you now see the true side of the Antagonists. Cold, malicious and uncaring. These monsters throw their own into the fires of the incinerators that heat their Towers without concern or care for they don't. Now granted, I am making a stereotype here, and granted, some LitPol are the exact opposite of what I just said. But there are people like this who don't care and will do anything to further their own agendas." Spockeh said, "And in closing I say this: Get out while you can for I can see a lot of hurt bearing down upon this city soon." At that, the transmission snapped back to Patterson who's face was completly drained of color.

"All roads leading out of this city, all airports and any other transportation methods are hereby restricted. Prepare for immediate..." Patterson began to order. Spockeh's image reapeared.

"Idiot!" He yelled, "You condemm the very people you swore to help and protect? To quote a famous person: 'You have been given the choice between war and dishonor. You have chosen dishonor, and you will have war.'"

The End

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