Nothing but the stone in my hand

Afro and Ash drove the jeep east towards this tower. Afro wasn't really sure about going towards the people who'd love to put him in jail for a very long time. However thinking was rarely a strong suit. Afro looked towards Ash and Reeza, wondering what the plan was. However they needed to recover one of his stashes if they wanted to do any further tagging. 

"We're gonna need to stop soon, I think I left it around here," Reeza narrowed her eyes at Afro. He didn't forget where he left the surplus taggging supplies did he? Ash gave him a puzzled look. Afro sighed, he did forget. Not his best moment, of course he was still wondering how badly this Minder girl was going to blast him for bailing again. 

"Afro do you even know where you left the supplies," Afro nearly froze when she asked him. Oh great now they were both on his case!

"Umm yeah, about that...," Afro finally recognized the building. "We're here!" He gave a sheepish grin as he pulled into the parking lot. Reeza scampered up his shoulder as they pulled into the lot. Afro hopped out of the seat with Ash in tow. They walked to the building Afro hopefully left another set of supplies in. He never chose to have too many tagging supplies with him but considering their targets he knew they would need to get as much of them as he could gather. 

"Afro, are you sure you left it here?" Ash looked about. Nothing was out of the ordinary here. No art, nothing that would remind Afro it was stored here. Which explained why he probably forgot it. 

"Ah ha!!" Afro dashed towards the dumpster with a strange lock. Ash looked on with a curious stare. The lock seemed to be a strange puzzle box, no key or any conventional way to open it. Afro was sliding certain sections of the lock out, then placing the section into another part of the cube. WIth a soft click the lock fell away. Grinning as he opened the dumpster he drew out two large backpacks and a duffel bag. Ash looked on as Afro began to sort through the pack, spray cans, markers, caps, books. They were all here, Afro hefted the duffel bag and gestured to the other packs. 

"Now let's go lower some property value," he grinned. Ash gave him a curious look. 

"What do you mean?" Afro gestured to a large grey building. Ash was unsure what Afro was planning. 

"When darkness falls, we're going to tag the Litpol branch. I have a the perfect idea to really piss em off." Reeza and Ash both glared at the tattooed man, maybe this time he'd really lost his mind. Then again, Afro had been surviving on his own with a ferret on his shoulder. He had some luck on his side to begin with. 

The End

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