Ghandi is dead

Renee was already hiberventilating. Like she never imagined this was a possibility. The litpol hadn't even approached the car yet. They were leaning on their car laughing and joking around. Sarah was tapping her car door like she was thinking of running out. Her eyes darted around at everyone. The silence was killing her.

" Okay just act like were wild college students. We got no bombs no supplies in the back they've got nothing on us" David said.

No one argued with him but no one agreed. It was just like in the seventies. Trudeau had supended some human rights, because of those Quebec terrorists and the cold war. You didn't need to give reason for arresting someone. And you could hold them indefinitely. But this time they were not terrisots. They were artists.The litpol ainted them out to be terrorists.

Harper had tried to be like Ghandi and protest peacefully. When he starved himself for paper they told him "Go ahead starve to death. It's not like the planet's underpopulated". When he went boneless in the music store they tossed him in a dumpster and then threw the instruments on top of him. That was the last time Harper had ever seen a guitar. His fingers itched to feel those strings again.

Renee screeched as the Litpol knocked on the window. Everyone in the car glared at her. Renee didn't care this what she fought for her right to scream. To be anything but  boring.

David rolled down the window and gave everyone a quick wink. Sarah slowly took his hand. Harper wondered if he ever find out why Sarah was so quiet? He wondered if he'd ever find out what Renee was?

" Hello Officer...I'm afraid we've been drinking. First long weekend of summer and all" David said.

The Litpol looked over his sunglasses at everyone in the car. Renee had her arms folded up while trying to hide that cursed letter. Despite the fact that it was her idea to make the shirts. And had insisted everyone wear them. David was tapping on hand on the wheel. Sarah had his other hand. She was running her fingers over it absently. Harper sat there doing nothing and hated it.

" I've got to take you kids in until you sober up. If your background check is clear you can leave afterwards. " Officer Mitchell said.

The End

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