Slipping Away

Asheyna stood at the window.  Everyone else was sleeping, but as usual, she was wide awake.  Night time was her time.  Too many people in the day, their thoughts, all the activity.  It was often more than she could handle.  

The moon shone in through the dusty glass and she looked at it, a single tear escaping and falling to the floor.  No one else was coming.  She had waited for weeks, no word except that single cryptic message from Gwen.  They had done nothing about it, just waited.  On hold, until something happened.  

"I'm so sick of this," she pressed her hand against the glass.  Jack was caught, Bluejay was too and Gwen barely escaped.  And where the heck was Dark?  He should have been here a day, two at the most, behind them.  And Archi, Archi betrayed them all.

Taking a deep breath she knew she couldn't wait any longer.  Should I wake him up?  She froze, should she?  Part of her was shocked she would even ask.  The other half knew it was better alone.  Her fingers wrapped into a fist, she barely stopped herself from punching through the glass.

A note, she would leave a note and then they would all be free to do what they would.  She wasn't about to force anyone into anything.

She slipped out her room and walked softly into the living room.  Her sketchbook was there.  Loathing to sacrifice even one sheet of fresh paper she tore out one of her most recent sketches; a lily, crushed and lying in a pool of water.

As she turned to leave the living room she saw a few sets of keys sitting on one of the tables.  Surely Spockeh and the boys didn't need all those cars.  She picked up one with the JEEP logo on the keychain, excellent.

As she pushed open the one door she knew for certain wouldn't creak she took in the freshly painted walls of the Safe.  They were bright, vibrant, and beautiful.  The others had been thrilled.  Two boys safe on a makeshift raft flowing down a river, a woman on a balcony while a man hid in the bushes, two branches off a path in a forest, and so many more of their kind.  All done in Afro's unique style with pieces here and there that spoke of a softer touch.  She smiled at the memory before entering the room.

For once the little ferret didn't come to greet her, she was glad.  It may have been too tempting to "adopt" a new friend.  But she could never do that to Afro, as cute as Reeza might be.

She left the paper, note side up, on the bed beside the sleeping figure and slipped out of the room.

I'm sorry.  I can't wait anymore it's driving me crazy.  I didn't want to wake anyone up, I'm headed East.

Fighting back tears she slipped out of the room and silently closed the door.  

As she locked the front door behind her she heard someone clearing their throat the same instant she felt a hand on her shoulder.

Oh crap.  How the hell did they find us? Those and a million other thoughts flashed through her mind as she spun to meet her attacker.

"What, you didn't think we'd let you take off all by yourself?"  A smiling face with a ball of white on his shoulder greeted her.  "You took the keys for the JEEP, nice... Come on, we gotta get out of here before Spockeh catches you with those."

Numbly she let him take her by the hand and lead her to where the vehicles were hidden.  Somehow he got the keys from her hand without a fight, let her into the driver's side and handed her Reeza and his backpack before slipping into the driver's seat.

"I figured it was only a matter of time before your friend's note drove you crazy and you had to do something.  So... let's go do something then."  He smiled at her, she couldn't help but smile back as he turned the key and the JEEP roared to life.

The End

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