List? What List?

The news had stunned the group as Asheyna had walked into their room and announced that they were going to be freed somewhat. There was only one catch: They would have to do some odd jobs for the group before they could be truly set free. Their first task: Grocery shopping.

Scorch, Digger and Spockeh stepped out into the street and looked around, enjoying the sunlight.

"Free at last! Free at last! Thank the Lord almighty I'm free at last!" Scorch exclaimed. The small group laughed as they made their way to where they had the vehicles hidden.

"Thank god no one's found these things yet, that would be pretty bad." Digger said. He jumped into the driver's seat of Bugger's van, the most inconspicuous, and turned the key. The V6 engine roared in approval as it was brought to life once more.

"Shotgun!" Scorch called out as he raced to the door. He jumped in and waited for Spockeh to climb in the back.

"Ok, first stop: Wal mart," Spockeh said. Digger put his foot on the pedal and the van moved out into the street, which was devoid of traffic.

"Bugger this is Digger, Taxi 1 is on the move." Digger announced in his headset. The device was masked as a Bluetooth headset that was tuned to his Blackberry Storm, but was really a 7 way headset tuned to the group.

"Taxi this is Mission Control, you are a-go for Operation: Vegetable, over." Bugger joked. As there was a NASA shuttle mission going on, the group had decided to mimic the transmissions from Atlantis to Ground control in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

"Copy that, Taxi is pulling into Mission path now." Digger said. The van turned as they pulled on one of the city's main streets.

"Ok, your target is 2.2 miles to the North. And why do we have to say over and copy? Over." Bugger asked.

Scorch smiled, "Just say the dang jargon ok?"

The rest of the ride was free of confusing conversation as most of the time was spent looking out for LitPol and other potential problems or caches of information that could be used.

Finally, they reached the other side of town and found the Canadian version of a Wal Mart, their target location.

"Here we go," Digger commented as he pulled the van into a parking spot in the middle of the packed parking lot. They exited and carefully marked their location so that they wouldn't be blundering around trying to open up a dozen or so vans looking for Bugger's. Satisfied that they would remember the location, they finally entered the store.

Inside, they were greeted by the ever present 'Greeter' who had the unpleasant job of having to greet shoppers for hours on end. It was no surprise that the employee was surprised to see three men walk in and survey the store, trying to locate the food section.

"May I help you?" The woman asked. She made her way past the people going to and fro.

Spockeh answered, using his best Canadian accent, "Yes, we need to know where the food section is. It's my friend's sister's birthday."

"Ah, well the food is to your right there, and the bakery is there as well." the greeter told them. They thanked her and went on their way.

"Ok, bring out the List of Doom." Scorch ordered. Digger reached into his pocket and pulled out a yellow sticky note with the list of food and other items on it.

"'Tomatoes to potatoes, apples to Snapples, and ice cream.'" Digger read, "Do we need a more vauge list?" Scorch smiled.

"My dad always said: 'Son, the list is only the items you need; You get those and the items you might need later.'" He said. The group shared a quick smile before splitting up to pick up their items.

Spockeh was stuck with the vegetables (Tomatoes to Potatoes), and thus headed to the greener section of the food area. Grabbing a cart in a non-chalant fashion, he immediatly picked up bags of Tomatoes and potatoes but also some Cantilope, grapes, strawberries and some other assorted fruits. It was only when he turned the corner to meet with Scorch did he stop in his tracks. Directly ahead of him were two LitPol officers inspecting a section of the aisle labled 'Fruits and Veggies'. They apparently took offense to the shortining of the word vegetables.

As he slowly and carefully passed, he over heard the two talking, unaware of anyone else's presence.

"Yeah, I heard something like that," The one on the left replied to his partner, "I heard that Section 3 is doing some sort of 'experiment' or something."

Spockeh's ears pricked up at this bit of information.

"I asked Bill in the Administrations office, he said that they were asking for a slot of time that took up somewhere up to 3 hours of un-blocked, no questions asked, time around some old military base. It's rediculous what those Sec 3 guys think they can do." Righty told his partner. Lefty nodded in agreement and Spockeh took that as his cue to leave immediatly.

As non-chalantly and inconspicuously as he could, he met up with Scorch and Digger who were waiting for him around the Produce section. They were releaved to see him in one peice and without handcuffs.

"What took?" Scorch asked. He had an eyebrow lifted in question.

"LitPol," Spockeh replied. Scorch and Digger's faces lit up like a firework at its peak, "No, not like that. More like in passing eavesdropping." Digger looked over Spockeh's shoulder and saw the two LitPol officers leaving the store with the 'Fruits and Veggies' sign under Lefty's arm.

"Do you have all the items Greg?" Scorch asked. Quickly switching the topic and making their pause seem as though they were looking over the list.

"Yes Brian I do believe we do." Spockeh replied calmly. They didn't pause in turning around and heading for the checkout lines and safety. The bit of information was going to keep the group up for a while, so Scorch also picked up some coffee as he passed. Now it was still the Antagonists' turn to move. And Spockeh felt that it was going to be a big one.




The End

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