A Shortlived Victory

Barb opened the door and enhaled the rich smell of early spring. Her first batch of flowers were in full bloom. All summer long she would have flowers. She would garden and her husband would read on the deck all day. The Grand kids would come over  and run accross there huge lawn and tare her garden to pieces and Ed would make his world famous "Beer Butt Chicken". It would be another great summer.

Barb stopped short and glared at her husband. He wipped his mouth. His mouth was full of neoplitian ice cream  as he said " What?"

" I'm not going to visit you in the hospital again Ed" She said shaking her head

" My blood sugar is fine" Ed grumbled as he stuffed his face some more.

Barb shook her head and sat in the closest lawn chair. She noticed Ed's western was half way done. The wind chimes chingled. The bird's flittered to one bird feeder to another. Barb looked out at the High way. There wasn't much traffic today. It was odd to see. Especially in the summer. Ofcourse ever since the put the Tower in, it was a lot quieter around here. Barb wasn't complaining. She could finally put out  jack o latern's with out them getting smashed.

Barb and Ed watched uselessly as a car zigzagged accross the road. Punk rock tore accross the highway with it. It was the " Sex Pistols" .  A woman craned her head out  and sang out " I found the law and I WWWOOOONNNN! " Hoots and hollers echoed long after the car was out of sight,

" Should we call the police?" Barb asked nervously.

They were covered in smoke and debris and now champgne. It was the cheap stuff. But after they had made the bombs it was all they had left. But they weren't complaining. Renee was yelling out the car window. Her feet were dangled accross Harper's legs as she streched. He glared at her.

" Lighten up Harper, we just saved the world" Renee giggled

" Drink this man. He's not drunk yet" David looked away the road and handed Harper the bubbly stuff.

Harper was more of a beer drinker but he took a deep swig of the champgne and handed back to David. David pushed it back at him. The car swerved as David looked away from the road. Renee giggled. Sarah squeeled and held on to the car door. Sarah was the quiet one. The less anonying one. David could only take Renee in small doses. But unfortunately Renee was the only one with a steady job. Renee worked as the world's worest waitress. She never did no when to shut up. If she worked anywhere but at a stripbar she probably would have been fired already.

" Drink up man, you earned this" David said.

" Yeah you tore apart that mother f-" Renee said as she sat down

" I can't wait to hear what they say on the news. Turn to the news Sarah" Harper said.

Sarah reached over to the radio when Renee slapped her hand away. Sarah scowled at her. But Sarah would let it go.

" No one turns off the Sex Pistols" Renee said seriously

Everyone groaned and Renee started singing again. Renee was tone death but no one had the decency to tell her that. Renee hung out the window again but then abpurtly stopped singing.

David snicked " I guess god is taking mercy on us"

Renee sunk into her seat. The color was drained from her face. Sirens quickly sounded and no one needed to ask Renee why she looked dead. They were as good as dead. Sarah uselessy dumped the champgne over the side of the car. It wouldn't help they all reaked of it. Harper gulped and took the necklace out of his pocket and stuffed it deep between the car seats. Harper didn't know why he even took it. He couldn't hock something that expensive and he bloody well wouldn't wear it. He had no chick either.  It was odd, He spotted the thing glittering in the dirt and pocketed it. Maybe it was because it seemed out of place in this brutality. Or maybe it made perfect sense... there was a princess locked up in that tower.  A princess he blew up.

 David slowed down and pulled to the side of the road.

He glared at Renee through the review mirror and said " It's all your fault. You just had to listen to the Sex Pistols"

The End

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