Brick by Brick

Raven flopped over the side of the barbwire fence. She fell hard on her back. She just lay there for awhile until the stinging subsided.She knew she had the time. Which was odd. Everything about this place was odd. Odd of place. Like some one wanted her to escape.

Raven looked down at her dress. It was totalled. Now it had a long slit going up her leg and tares all along her mid-driff. Gone was the elegance. Raven looked at her feet. Why didn't see have the foresight to ask for shoes? She wouldn't get far walking anyway. Hitchhiking wouldn't work either...

She stood up and out of habit smoothed her dress down. She looked up at the tower. A part of her wanted to go back in. A very large part of her wanted to go back in and just stay there. She didn't belong here. She didn't belong anywhere.

Raven watched how still, stark the tower looked. All the pigment was removed.Instead of those red bricks you use to see everywhere, it had those gray ones. Barred windows were visiable only on one wall. Everywhere else they were boxed in begging ,for sunshine.

Suddenly Raven's ears popped and an explosion echoed through the air. Raven instinctively ducked down and cradled into ball. Raven choked back a sobb. It was usless asking who wanted the tower gone? Who didn't want the tower gone? Who was this inhuman? A life was still a life. No matter how ....corrupted .She blinked through her long bangs and watched as the tower refused to budge. Flames raped the floor boards and smoke clouded the windows but the bricks remained inviciable. Raven crawled further and further away. Until she had the coverage of pine trees. She childishly side behind a tree and leaned into it. Held on for dear life.

Her ear were ringing now but it was going to be worse...Bombs went off...from the inside of the tower,  but the gray bricks still refused to budge.

Raven felt like she was watching the history channel. A man in a white t-shirt with a blood red " P" on it got out some sort of tool and attacked the walls and started pulling it apart brick by brick. He wasn't tender about it either. The bones in his hand were tight and tense in his neck as he tore apart the monster. Or did he?

Raven wondered what he thought he was accomplishing. He just proved he was just as bloodthirsty as them . Just as unquenchable.Raven shook her head. He wasn't ready for what he needed to hear so she didn't approach. Raven tore off her diamond necklace and tossed it at his feet. Hopefully that would wet his curiousity enough...Enough to find her. When he did she hope he had seen enough and would be ready for change. Redemption. And perhaps not just for himself...

The End

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