The Corrupted

DruidX. She hated the name, but they insisted on calling her by it. Not that her real name was much better. An expression of individuality, quirkiness. But worst of all it linked her to him.

The day was breaking cold and grey as she slipped down an ally following the one they called Archi Teuthis. She moved carefully, as the other girl slunk down alleys and hurried across intersections, her head always bowed. At first, Dru thought she was heading right towards the Safe and grinned coldly, thinking it wouldn't be long before he was subject to the same torture as she had been. Soon however it became apparent Teuthis was taking a side trip. She vanished into a building, and Dru followed, cautiously opening the door in time to see Teuthis vanish into a room. Dru sighed. Though she hadn't been here before, she knew from Teuthis' file this was her apartment complex.

The Antagonist went back into the street and set herself up to watch the door. Teuthis wouldn't be going anywhere for a while, not until she had found a safe place for her precious pencils. Dru flicked her radio on and reported in, tapping the message out in Morse code and settling back when it was done. Dru could wait, she had limitless patience when it was needed. She had waited out the pain of being denied beauty, she had waited out the mundane tasks required of her back home and she had waited out the mind numbing flight over here. Soon enough, she would get her hands on that traitorous bastard, but for now she could wait.

As she waited for Teuthis to reappear, Dru considered her situation. It had been tough at first, being locked in a cell without him to talk to. She'd tried to stay defiant, passing the time singing everything from nursery rhymes to hymns, anything she could think of until a short tempered guard came and smashed her larynx. After she'd recovered from the brutal attack they'd stepped things up. Page by page they burned her manuscripts, which was bad enough. Then they defiled her library. With each book destroyed, Dru had felt like a piece of her soul had vanished. Eventually they turned her out, reformed into a model citizen. It didn't take long though for the space where her soul had been to fill with anger.

One day a group of LitPol officers had taken her to Scotland Yard. A man there told her there had been reports of her husband in Canada. Dru had tried to keep herself in check, but the man must already have known about the hatred in her. He made a lot of promises all for one thing: she become a special agent for LitPol.

Dru blinked and stirred herself. The door to Teuthis' building had opened. The Antagonist heaved herself up and set to following the girl again.

The End

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