On The Road Again

Dark couldn't believe it. This was such an opportunity. He wanted to get hacking right away but there was other things to do. They had to let the others know they were okay, had to tell them about the plan, get them moving the laptops around independently, copying them and diseminating them far and wide. They had to get away from this place, they'd only bring trouble here and after what Kai's mother-in-law had done for them, the last thing he wanted was to bring LitPol down on her head.

"Kai, you are officially awesome! This is going to be so good. It's a pity it's all kind of out of my area of expertise though."


"This is all Windows stuff, I'm a Unix guy through and through. This is all gobbledy-gook to me, but hell, I'm sure we can work something out, after all the creativity crack-down forced Linux and friends underground so most people are running on bluescreens nowadays. Perhaps we can use that to our advantage - I'm thinking bot nets, I'm sure there's something we can crank out to do this. Besides, learning something new, something creative, double whammy to the man!"

Kai nodded with a grin on his face. "Right. We'd better get going then. Where are we going anyway?"

"You'll see."

Kai said goodbye to his mother-in-law and Dark painfully pulled himself into the passenger seat of the SUV and waited. Kai came back, his eyes a little wet and started the engine and they pulled out of the reserve and onto the open road. Dark checked a map and indicated the first leg of the route to Kai. It wasn't that he didn't trust him, but telling him the exact location now meant that there was two of them with the information. If they got captured, at least their captors would only have half the chance of getting the info, less if Dark killed himself trying to escape or to protect the others. To be honest, sometimes he felt it would be easier to just die a martyr than struggle on, but he kept those thoughts to himself. There was still a chance Dru was out there somewhere, there had to be and until he found out differently he couldn't just lay down and die. She was his anchor to life, his reason for living. The freedom, the creativity, even the Protagonists, they meant nothing without her. He was doing this all for her, to prove to her that his abandonment meant something more than just cowardice.

"What's on your mind Dark? You're looking pretty serious." Kai said without taking his eyes off the road.

Dark stopped slouching. "Umm, nothing. I was just thinking..." He said, trying to come up with an excuse. "Maybe I should get a hair cut. Too many risks involved for just making a statement. With my leg all screwed up I'm not in a position to make sure it stays hidden if I stumble or something."

"It's ridiculous that the length of hair is even an issue."

"The whole world is ridiculous, Kai. Long hair is only good for one thing, they say, creativity, styling it and what not. The contraditions inherent in that line of reasoning boggles the mind. You know, I don't think they did burn all the copies of 1984."

"What, really?"

"No, I think they took them all for internal training manuals."

They both laughed, a sad, pained laugh but a laugh that none-the-less rose their spirits a little.

"If you're going to get a haircut we better make a stop. There is no chance we will find one that wont report us as soon as look at you. You need some clippers."

"Where are we going to get those? They're regulated. The only place we're going to find them is at an approved hair trimmer's."

"Well, it's either that or you shave that beard of yours and we pass you off as a women. I can see you as a Miss Liquid."

Dark looked like he was actually considering it for a moment and Kai had to repress a snort. "I don't think so Kai. For now, we stick with the hat and I'll just cut the bulk off with a knife or something so there wont be any slippages. We don't need any risk taking right now, not when your chapperoning a cripple."

As Dark was about to indicate the next part of the route, they came across a scene by the side of the road. A LitPol car was parked alongside another civilian vehicle. The civilian seemed disorientated and alarmed and the LitPol officer was trying to calm them down. Dark slid down in his seat and tried to remain unseen as they passed but as he ducked down he could still hear the conversation through the window.

"...apon by terrorists. Take your government prescribed medicine and..."

When they were a few miles away, Dark slid back up. "What the hell was that about?"

"Something about terrorists and medicine?"

"You think we should go back and check it out? It could be important."

Kai nodded towards to rear view mirror. "I don't think that will be necessary Dark. Looks like he's coming to us."

Dark looked into the mirror. The LitPol officer was following them.

The End

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