Moonlit Inspiration

Asheyna closed the door on her PoWs.  She hated that term but since that's what Afroferret kept calling them it had gotten stuck in her head.  Soon, very soon, she would have to decide what to do with them.  It had been well over a week since her impromtu ambush.  Didn't look like anyone else was coming any time soon.  This choice was all hers.

She would let them go she decided abruptly.  Her call, and she had made it.  They weren't working for LitPol, it seemed they really were just what they appeared.  Someone, hopefully not her, was going to have to give them some direction.  A mission that was suited to their particular "talents".  That was something she could deal with in the morning.  Right now it was just past midnight and she was not going back in there.

As she made her way to her room she took in the bland eggshell white walls of the Safe.  It struck her suddenly how ironic that was.  This was the center of the Creative Revolution.  The one place where artists, musicians and authors could be themselves, and yet to look around it was bland, boring, government issue.

Sure there were little oddities here and there.  The stacks of finished and unfinished manuscripts littered around, various instruments shoved into any number of hidey-holes didn't scream LitPol Approved.  The walls seemed to mock her, daring her to do something after weeks of a tense stalemate.

She remembered something Afro had said the night before, when she'd approached him about tagging lessons and given the book back.  She'd kind of avoided him all day.  Sure he had agreed to tagging lessons but it was hard to tell if he was just being polite.  Afterall he wasn't exactly on home turf here.  She wondered what Minder had said to him last night, she must have approved on some level because she gave him the longboard.  He'd suggested they start right then but she'd told him not just then.  

Struck at once with inspiration she slipped silently down the hall, praying she wouldn't wake anyone but her target up.  As she neared the door she paused.

She took a deep breath and prayed that the door wouldn't squeak.  The last thing she needed right now was for Minder to wake up.  They hadn't had a chance to talk since that first day with her cryptic warning.

Thankfully the door opened smoothly, she shut it behind her and walked into the dark room.  She crept slowly up to the bed.  Reeza peeked out of the backpack and slipped across the floor and attempted to climb her leg.  For some reason the impossibly cute albino ferret liked her.  Gently picking her up and snuggling the ball of fur close she put her back in the backpack.

Afro didn't move as she gently sat on the bed.  His tattoos were uncovered, of course.  She took in the colors and lines of the kitsune on his arm and thought again that it would be sweet to get a tattoo.  Without thinking she reached out a hand to trace the lines.  For some reason she always had to touch art.  It made her feel connected, like she was a part of something bigger and more beautiful than herself.  She was so engrossed in tracing the shapes that she didn't even notice he had woken up until he turned around to look at her, breaking her connection.

His eyes were curious but not angry as he took her in, sitting quietly beside him on the bed.  He could tell nothing was wrong, there was no panic in her face at all, the opposite in fact.  And as she sat there watching him her face grew redder, confirming his original thought.

"I- I'm sorry for waking you up.  But do you think we could start my tagging lessons, like right now?"  Her voice was quiet, almost a whisper.

Afro studied her face a moment longer before sitting up and smiling.  "Sure, you have something specific in mind I take it?"

"Actually, you'd mentioned you noticed a few blank rooms.  And, well... I was thinking the whole Safe needed a paint job.  You down?"

"I'm down for anything, but that sounds like more fun than usual.  Let's go."

The End

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