R.I.P. Bluejay

 Blue 's face was illumionated by a computer screen. She bent in and read out the names of the terroists. She raised her eyebrows when she got to her own. It became real then...She would never be able to go home. She would never teach again...See those innocent eyes again.Thats when she randomly started hitting the delete key. Actually she was mashing the keyboard. She couldn't beat up fate but this computer was concrete and made a satisfiying noise when it was smacked.

Blue collapsed into a plastic chair. But the rage was far from dead. She peered around the computer lab. What was with these people and white? The walls were a filmy white and the floors were white. It was a killer combination with the white lights and the white computer screens. Bluejay could feel a another headache coming on.

She squinted and focused on the names. Why did the Alias's sound so familar? Maybe they were on the news...What did she hear on the news? What was that website she was part of once? Procreate...no...no...Get your head of the gutter. Pro...something...Pro writing thingy. The webite had died but people were still writing, still day dreaming, still living...

" PROTAGONIZE!" Bluejay suddenly shouted. 

Then she looked around suspeciously. If the room was tapped she was safe from Big brother. The alarm just kept screeching. Blue wondered absently  who they were after. It wasn't her. The alarm was going off before she ever escaped.


Okay Protagonize...website....familar names...but still strangers. Would they take her in? Blue needed them. Not just for shelter. She desparately needed to be around humanity. Humans like her.

Blue scrolled to the top and clicked on one of  the first names, Asheyna. A grainy picture came up. The picture was out of focus and gave nothing away. Blue couldn't tell if her eyes were honest or guarded. Asheyna was last seen in a train station in Vancouver.

Bluejay scrolled up to the next " A" name...Afroferret. Oh goodie a rodent name...Blue tried to put her prejudices away. She didn't want to be one of them. She had been where he was...She still was there.

Bluejay laughed cruelly and looked around. She had her key card and a distraction. Leaving would have been child's play. Yet she used her key card to get into this computer lab. And here she sat calmly looking at a computer screen...in an evening gown. Blue couldn't leave. People didn't well with drama. And Blue was all drama. Blue never dealt well with lonliness. It was always hardest being alone in a crowd. No one would want to befriend a ghost. Louder was always better and all she felt like doing was whispering. God, when would this river of emotion run dry?

Bluejay deleted the file. Bluejay was dead. She would not be the the victim...Not again. Nevermore. She let them take so many parts of her. She played nice and left protgonize when it was illegal. Passively broke the rules. Well now she was done playing nice. Nevermore. She was the Raven now.

Raven pushed the computer off the desk. Let out a scream and puff off air and the quickly set the mangled computer back on the desk. The keyboard slipped off the desk and hung down waving back and forth like a pendulum. Raven watched it move back and forth. It all seemed usless, fruitles. Destruction wasn't nearly as cathartic as she thought it would be. She still felt empty.

Raven took out her key card. There was no time for wallowing. Raven wasn't a crybaby. Raven opened the door and walked out. She would go back to where it had all begun...

The End

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