Afro's Requiem

Night fell over the safe, everyone had fallen asleep, with the exception of Reeza. She hopped out of Afro's pack, skittering about for a bit before her attention span fell back to waking up her owner. With some persistent nibbling Afro stirred to life, "Yeesh, Reeza, what is it?" He noticed the woman named Minder staring at him. "Ah, hell, ever heard of knocking?" The woman glared at Afro, then left the room. Getting to his feet he picked up Reeza, who was content to sitting on his shoulder. He followed the woman outside, she didn't seem to favor Afro. Then again, he was an outsider to most of them, they finally got to a smaller enclosed room where she gestured to a couch.

"Sit." Afro realized this lady really didn't like him. Ah well, who knows why. Then again, when he wasn't covered he was a walking "Shoot me" beacon. She took the chair across from him, she finally spoke, her words slow and carefully chosen. "First off, I don't trust you, I've heard rumors of a man matching your description and I refuse to think you and a ferret have been able to avoid the Litpol this long by luck alone." Afro laughed, his usual cheerful attitude faded away. He took a band off his wrist and pulled his hair back, he addressed Minder afterwards .

"Lady, I don't have a clue about you, but you shouldn't guess about me either. I've seen some good mates vanish from those litpols, once they toss you in a van. You usually don't return, however, don't think I've gotten by with just luck. Me and Reeza here have been tagging for as long as we can, and plan to see how much longer we can go. I helped two of your own out and I'm out my board because of it. So how about you cut me some slack and let me get some shuteye?" Minder was irate, she didn't expect the overly tattooed man to have this response ready. He leaned back against the couch and grinned, "Besides," he said, "You guys could use some color down here, how about it?" Minder gave a small grin, for as irritating as Afro came off. He had a certain charm to himself, maybe that's how he kept dodging trouble.

"Fine, for now you can be with us, you'll need tp speak with the others before you are officially one of us. However, I think I have something to thank you for your time," she said as she walked towards one of the walls. Minder looked about for a moment before finding what she was looking for. She drew a longboard off the wall, the bottom of the board was emblazoned with a phoenix. "We found this a few weeks ago, nobody could find a use for such a toy but you can put it to good use. Consider it makes us even." She placed the board in his hands and left the room. Afro took a look at Reeza, she narrowed her eyes at the board and back to Afro. He knew the board was his best method of travel, he picked up the board and returned to the room. Ash was sitting in the room, she had a tentative look in her eyes.

"'ey Ash, how goes it?" She grinned sheepishly.

"Umm, I'm sorry Afro, I forgot to give this back," she held out his black book. Afro laughed as he realized he'd completely forgotten his book back in the train when he left the train.

"Damn, thanks. I swear sometimes I'd forget Reeza if she didn't have her teeth firmly lodged into my shoulder." He took the book back and gently placed it back into the pack. Ash was still quite silent, Afro raised an eyebrow in curiousity.

"Everything allright?" Ash blushed as she attempted to find the words to ask.

"Could you finish teaching me about tagging, I really want to learn more of you. I mean about you!" Her face flushed a deep crimson as Afro picked up his pack.

"Sure, let's get to work. I saw a few blank rooms that we could work with."

Reeza hopped off Afro's shoulder and watched on with her usual curiosity to the wee hours of the morning. Afro had a pupil, he realized that he'd been taught by the greats. Now it was probably him and a handful of others who still held to the trade. It was about time he made sure the Litpol remembered who they were.


The End

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