Waking up, making plans

Dark woke up a strange bed in a strange room he didn't recognise. At first, he was cautious, suspicious even, but then memory came flooding back.

Kaiser123. It must have been him that had got the message. What luck! It seemed like the guy was back in action.

Man, he felt rough. He ached everywhere. His head ached, his eyes ached, his legs ached and his arms ached. Hell, even his tongue ached and he had no idea how that happened. He shivered and pushed the thick, heavy blankets off of himself. His broken leg had been set on a splint which made walking both easier and harder. Less freedom of movement but less way's to make him scream in agony. Small mercies.

Now out of the covers, he felt terribly cold so he grabbed one of the layers and wrapped it around himself before hobbling out of the room, leaning on the doorway for support. Down the hall he saw a man and an older woman sat at a table.

"...well, hopefully Dark can help, he can't be the only one."

"Speak of the devil."

The pair turned towards Dark as he hobbled into the room, Kai pulled him out a chair and he accepted it gratefully.

"How are you feeling?"

"Like crap, but hell of a lot better than dying in a ditch. I seriously owe you one dude. I take it you got the message. You took a serious risk playing that music. Kudos." He said, then turned to the woman. "Hi there, thanks for the help."

"You just keep my boy safe, you here me. I'm watching you."

Dark raised an eyebrow and turned to Kai, who had a face painted both with amusement and embarrassment.

"Dark, meet Mom. Mom, Dark."

Dark smiled awkwardly and Kai's mother grinned. Composing himself, he looked to Kai again and began to speak. "We need to decide on what to do. I was on my way to the Safe, there are more of us there. Together we can pool our resources, decide on a plan of action. Kai, you have any plans? I'm not goign to try and convince you that you should stay behind, we can use whoever we can get and to be honest, there is no chance of me getting anywhere by myself, not like this. So my first question is, where are we and what do you think we should do now?"

The End

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