Versified Correspondance Via Homing Pigeon

Reeza poked her nose out of Afro's pack, her tiny eyes gleaming with anticipation.  Without warning she scurried out, and took off across the floor.

"Reeza!  Get back here!" he called after the ferret.  But she paid him no mind, making a beeline for the one frosted window up towards the ceiling.  She made an odd noise and tried to climb up the upholstery on the wall.

"What's going on?" Robyn asked from the couch.

"Reeza's gone crazy, I don't know what she's..." Afro began, his voice faltering as he looked up at the window.  A small, dark shape hovered outside, almost like a small bird.  A pigeon, perhaps.  Acting on a hunch he dragged a nearby chair under the window, perched himself on the back, slid aside the latch, and cracked the window open just enough to let in the bird.

In a clumsy flurry of feathers the bird circled the room a few times before attempting to land on Robyn's shoulder.  As shaky as it was in the air, it was about as sure-footed as a newborn deer on an soaped-up ice rink in its landing attempt.  But that may have been because of the tiny canister on its foot throwing its balance.

Afro's eyes widened.  "Ash!  Get in here!  Someone sent a note... by carrier pigeon!"

She came in, a bit startled by the bird.  "How'd it get in?"

"I opened the window, but Reeza somehow knew he was outside."  The ferret in question had by this time found her way around Afro's shoulders.  Asheyna shook her head, amused.

"Well, let's see who it's from."  She peered at the handwriting, eyes widening with recognition.  "I'd know that scrawl anywhere; it's Gwen!"

Robyn perked up.  "Don't just sit there, read it!"

Slowly Afro removed the crumpled note from the tiny canister and smoothed it out on his leg.  Clearing his throat he began to read, pausing only to decipher the occasional scribble:

Hey all you people, you missing me?
Because of the world, cryptic I must be
I'm out in one piece, though not as successful
As I thought I would be, I'll give you an earful
When I make it out there as soon as I can
But for the time being I gotta lay low an'
Track down some friends THEY are still holding
And 'haps 'suade some more allies (I hope you're not scolding [me]).

Don't come searching for me, be fine where I am
I'll try to arrive there as soon as I can.
I've so much to tell you, but the walls all have ears
I'd rather not risk the attraction of Fears.
But I must tell you now some things that I know
Okay?  Are you ready?  Alright, here I go:

'Shevskiy's gone missing, better Jack up the search;
Jay's in one line, and Blue ink may besmirch
A primary cephalopod's friend-ill-ee state
I hope to persuade the ten hands (not eight)
Out of the grasp of our powerful foe.
That's all I can say, to say I've no mo'.

Have fun and stay warm, see you all anon
And hopefully more folks be there and not gone.

The End

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