Spockeh had been taken to the room he had been in before he and his group had been coralled into their 'prison cell'. Asheyna and Afro sat across from him at the table they had set up just for the occasion.

Could they have made the ZapStraps any tighter? He thought. They hadn't said a word at all. The duo at the end of the table had been quiet as they peered at him for what seemed for hours.

I wonder what's for supper back home. He wondered. His ADD/ADHD had kicked in and had mixed with the adrenalin he was producing. His mind was kicked into overdrive and he thought about everything, home, here, there, everywhere.

"Spockeh," Ash finally said. Breaking the heavy, deafining silence, "What are you doing here in Canada?"

"Carrying out a few vendettas we've had." He answered calmly. He was channeling all of his excess energy he was producing into his brain as to think clearly.

"As we've seen. But why did you pick to use force to complete those vendettas?" Afro asked.

Spockeh thought about that, "We were afraid I guess. On the run, in unknown territory with anger and sadness flowing like water down a waterfall, I guess we thought about striking first before they could do anything to us."

"So fear drove you to do these things? Sounds like you didn't control your emotions." Ash commented.

Spockeh smiled a bit, "Yeah, I guess. We just thought on the spot as things happened. We didn't plan for the fallout, just for the here and now part. That's what happen when you're scared, you do everything you can to stop the fear."

"Fear, it's something we all feel here." Afro pointed out, "So how could you let it control you?"

Spockeh stopped smiling and thought about it carefully, "I don't know. Fear can drive a man over the edge and make him do things he didn't think was possible. I never thought that we'd been roaming around Canada blowing things up in the name of a revolution."

Ash stared at him long and hard, he felt her gaze bore into his very soul again, "So you didn't think. You acted."

The sentence struck him like an on rushing wave against the rocks, the one thing he and his friends held dear, their ability to think, was the thing they had been shunning in this time of need.

"True, I sit guilty as charged. I think instead of us fearing the LitPol we should 'Only fear fear itself." Spockeh quoted. There was a bit of a twinkle in Asheyna's eye's as she saw that she maybe making progress here.

"So which way do you stand? Radical cowboy who charges straight into danger, or the intelecual who uses knowlege as his sword?" Ash asked, pressing her advantage.

Silence hung over the table as Spockeh thought about it, one false move, and it was all over for not only him, but his comrades as well. He couldn't let them down.

"Both," He answered, "I charge into danger when the timing is wrong and right. But when everything stops, I become the thinker I should be 24/7. I need to remember that the 'Pen is mightier than the sword'." Afro raised one eyebrow in response, he didn't really trust him 100%. You couldn't trust anyone but yourself these days.

"I see," Ash said, "And what do your buddies think?"

"They follow what their leader thinks. But it's like the 'Blind leading the deaf along a perilous cliff.' They are almost certainly doomed to failure, but it's possible they will be able to get across the cliff unscathed. They just have to trust each other." He said, accenting the crucial word that this all revolved around.

"That's all Spockeh, you can go back to your crew." Ash said after a brief silence. He struggled to his feet and looked at her for a moment. The thurst and hunger for freedom was evident in his eyes. He turned and returned to the room.

Did the wolf become declawed? Ash wondered as the door closed. She sure hoped so.

The End

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