unlocked heart

Bluejay peered through the tiny window of the door, she saw a lot of running. Something was up. Something pretty major...Something that was making him careless. The door was not closed all the way. It barely stuck out. Not even an inch. If she wasn't careful she would lock herself in. This was her one shot at freedom. Blue slowly turned the door handle. She stopped abrupty when she heard a clicking noise. It sounded forbouding amungst the silence. Blue got herself together and pushed the door out.

Her life truly was in it's infancy and she wanted to take it all in but she couldn't. Blue just took a second to absorb the cool air on her skin. Then she ran swifly down the hall until she crashed into a hard body.

She looked up into those blue eyes and gulped. Her Angel of death. His anger snapped out of his eyes. It was alive and breathing. A force to be reckoned with. But hers was stronger. She was angry at herself for not being as verbal as she should of been. Blue went along with the opression and nodded along with everyone else. Sure she had her library but she wasn't fearless like the other rebels. And then ofcourse she caved during interagation. Then like always...she went back to being that starryed teenager well no more. She would leave that girl behind right this minute...

She didn't care that he had a gun. She walked up to him daring him to make the shot. He held the gun loosely as he lifted his hands up around her head and pushed her into the wall. Blue was caged again. Blue let out a puff of frustrated air.

" I told you to stay put" He said almost teasingly.

Blue rolled her eyes. She looked back in his eyes.The anger had evaporated. Whatever had angered him wasn't about her escaping. Maybe he wanted her to escape.Maybe he really meant what he said, when he said she would be free.

" Come with me" Blue demanded

He shook his head " There's no freedom for me. I either die now or die later. They won't rest until I'm dead. I'd rather die a hero than a traitor"

" Are you a hero?" Bluejay demaded.

" It's all about impressions." He shrugged

He put his arms at his sides but didn't step back. And she didn't push him away. In unison they both looked up at the flashing alarm.

Blue felt her arm being pulled. She watched as he lifted up her hand and uncurled her fist. In it he placed a key card. Her freedom...

He shrugged again " It's not the key to my heart but it's the best I can do..."

Blue looked down at it for awhile.She could feel her eye tearing up. She blinked them away and looked at him.

She said " It's enough"

It was a lie.

Blue sniffled and then brushed her hair out of her face. She wasn't  ready to go but way too much time was wasted already. Blue slowly went past him. Suddenly she felt what she had been longing for...He stopped her. He held on to her arm tightly. More tightly then strictly nesscary. She wasn't going anywhere...If he only asked...

He whispered " I wouldn't have made a good boyfriend anyway. I've cheated on every girl I've dated"

Blue nodded" Thanks for the heads up"

He slowly released her arm. Blue lingered for awhile not looking at him. But finally she had her fill of being masochistic.  She started running and she didn't look back. She couldn't look back. If she looked back she would never leave. Blue wouldn 't have begged to stay with him. She would have demanded it even if she new there would be no "us" . No "we". Just me.

He leaned against the wall. He could feel the warmth of her body heat against it. If only he could stay there forever... It felt safe there...But his strength was giving out. He slide down the wall. Leaving a morbid trail. He let out an exhausted sigh and waited to bleed to death.

The End

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