There must have been something about that dress. The guards held the door open like she was a lady. Well she was a lady...but Bluejay didn't usually feel femine. All her clothes were second hand or what she liked to call vintage. Worest of all she couldn't eat with out getting something  down the front of her shirt. God, sometimes she was worse than the kids!

They held the door for her this time. They didn't shove her in or throw her in. But they still didn't look in her eyes. But he did. Her Angel of Death. He stood up as she entered the room as if they were in a different time and different place. An older world where chivilary wasn't dead.

Bluejay looked at him too. It all suddenly hit her...the truth. She wasn't pretending. She hadn't pretended at all. She loved him. Bluejay loved him! But she didn't know why. There was no good reason to love him. No rational reason. Sure he was good looking but she had seen better. Looks were on the bottom of her priority list anyway.

She looked away in shame and that's when she noticed the steamig plate of food. Breakfast food. It was her Denny's. But Blue wasn't hungry her heart was in her stomach. But she slowly sat down, so she could elongate the moment just in case this was all they had left...

He sat down to and watched her as she watched her plate of food. It looked greasy ,so that meant it would taste good. Blue had no interest in eating any of it. Blue ate it because it seemed wrong to deny food she had demanded. The sausage tasted like a sausage. The pancakes tasted like pancakes.The food nourished her stomach but not her soul. She might as well of been eating cardboard.

From accross the table he was pouring himself a glass of wine. He swirled around the wine and enhaled the bouqet. He appeared...taken with it. Then he slowly sipped the wine. He would swirl it over his tongue and then with some regret swallow the wine. Blue wondered if he would kiss like that...Actually wondered was the wrong word. She imagined he would kiss like that.

" Your quiet tonight" He stated

" Is it the night?" Blue asked

" It is the night but you will be happy to hear that you missed nothing. It's been raining cats and dogs all week. We're suppose to get a record amount of rainfall." He said

Bluejay sighed.

" Are you one of those people that loves the rain?" He sneered

" No. But it's different when you know you'll never have another soaker again" Blue sighed again.

" I told you. You will leave this place."

" And I told you not to lie to me" Blue said angrily

" You don't trust me but your willing to love me, how does that work?" He asked

" I'm not" Blue whispered " I'm not willing"

That silenced conversation for awhile. It gave Bluejay a chance to finish her last meal. Her last meal as Bluejay anyway...when they found out she had lied, they probably weren't going to give her a second chance. She knew what that meant. He would have his chance to live up to his nickname...He would truly be her angel of death.

Blue couldn't eat another bite. Her heart was in her bowels now headed for the...

" Are you finished already?"

Blue nodded her head and pushed the plate away. Now came her third request...or forth...her brain was fuzzy all of a sudden. He pushed the table away and pulled her chair close to him. So close to him...He leaned in until his breath met hers.

" I should brush my teeth" Bluejay said abprutly.

He shook is head and chucked. Maybe he found her insecurity endearing but she wasn't laughing. She would have felt more comfortable with minty fresh breath. Actually that was a lie. Nothing would make her comfortable right now.

His lips quickly descended on hers. He was a hard mouth kisser. Hard and fast. There was a time and place for that sort of thing. Now wasn't it.

Bluejay softly muttered against his lips " Slower, slower. Softer, softer"

And he obeyed. His lips whispered instead of shouting. He placed his hands on either side of the chair like he thought he was trapping her...but didn't he know she wasn't going anywhere?

But he was the one leaving. The alarm sounded loudly. He cursed and stood up. He straightened his uniform  and told her not  to go anywhere. She was in a locked room where did he honestly expect her to go?

The End

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