Uncrackable Safe

- 0940hrs Somewhere in the city; the day after the 'attack' -

It had taken the group a few long hours to locate the position of the possible Porotagonist safe house. Through the night it had been silence for a moment, furious typing the next, silence and then repeat. But finally, after 2 hours, they caught sight of three people walking into a building near their location one had glasses on and another had what seemed to be some kind of pet on him. It was just during the hour that almost no one, save for LitPol, was on the streets so Digger and Scorch's appearance suddenly at the apartment wasn't seen by anyone.

They looked at each other, the door, the street, then the door, street and the stree again to make sure they wern't under watch. After all was cleared, on their view, they knocked. They semi-patiently waited for someone to answer the door.

"May I help you?" The man who answered asked. He looked at Scorch and Digger who are strong guys in their own respect.

"We're travelers looking for a place to stay. We wondered if we could stay here for the night." Scorch replied nicely. The man looked at them again and invited them in.

"We don't get many visitors here. Just relatives and some distant friends." the man explained. Scorch and Digger were sweeping the room they had walked into with a PDA made by Spockeh and Bugger that detected bugs and video cameras that were hooked up to security stations.

"I bet, but we were just traveling through and wondered if anyone had a room available. We saw you and your friends come in and, judging by the size of the abode, thought that you had a room available. But there's something else," Digger said. The man turned to them and looked, again, at them, this time, in the eyes.

"And that is?" he asked. He was waiting for the badges and handcuffs to come out at a moment.

"We're on the run. We're Protagonists." Scorch explained quickly and quitely. The man's demenor changed slightly, but his guard didn't lower.

"Oh, I see, then you might be here for the protection from supposed Protagonists, eh?" the man asked. Scorch looked in the man's eyes, he saw the relief and yet, a lingering caution.

"Yep, we're thowing caution to the wind here. Some of us just think that this is better than thinking we're alone. And if you turn on us, well then, our gamble is for nothing." Scorch said, "Do you mind if the others came in?"

The man sat in quiet contemplation, then, "Sure, bring them in."

Scorch pulled out his radio and called Spockeh. They were on their way. The trio sat in quiet contemplation for a moment before there was a knock on the door. Scorch approached it, with the original occupant behind him. He didn't know if the person(s) on the other side of the door were LitPolice or his comrades. That was until he heard a familiar voice.

"Olly, olly, oxen free." Trucker said. His voice carried thorugh the wood door. Scorch recognized the password that everything's clear. He opened the door and allowed the others to troop in. Spockeh closed the door behind them and focused on the occupant at once.

"I'm sorry about the mini-invasion. But we're a bit on the edge." He explained.

"I see, would you like to meet the others I know you know of?" the man asked. Spockeh looked at Scorch who nodded. He had told them about their surveilance.

"Sure," He replied. The man led him to the basement where he was met with another,  wood door, this time, he found a large ornate P up in the middle of the frame. He knew he had found the right place. The door was opened and Spockeh was led in by the mysterious stranger. He saw two ladies sitting on a couch. He was surrounded by walls plastered with nothing but paintings, it was a bit like he had envisioned.

"Who's this?" One of the ladies asked. She had glasses and looked straight at Spockeh.

"Spockeh, apparently a Protagonist just like us." the man replied. Spockeh waited until he was adressed just to be polite.

"Ah, I'm guessing you're American huh?" the lady asked as she stood up.

Spockeh nodded, "Yep, no reason to withold that information. It's obvious."

"I see, and let me guess, you want to stay here?" She asked. Spockeh was surprised at her powers of guessing. But then again, she was a Protagonist, she did think.

"Yes mam. I have a few friends that would like to come down and rest if that's ok." He asked nicely. The woman looked at him hard and long, almost if she was looking through his soul. Then she indicated he could. He quickly pulled out his radio and called the guys down. They came down and Scorch plopped down on a chair.

"Sorry about my guy's behaviour. We've been deprived of a warm room for a few days now and have been under imense stress." Spockeh explained. He pressed on, "I should give you our names, I'm Spockeh. This is Phenoix," He motioned at her, "Digger," He again motioned to him, he waved warmly, "The guy on the chair is Scorch," He waved feebly from the depths of the chair, "Trucker, Ninja and finally, Bugger." Each waved or indicated who they were.

"Well then, I should do the same." The woman said, "I'm Asheyna, Ash for short, the man you met is Afroferret, Afro for short. The others on the couch are Robyn and Reeza."

Spockeh smiled, "I guess that's behind us now."

Ash smiled back, "I guess so, welcome to the club."

The End

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