Evening Gowns and Tracking Devices

There was an odd knock at her cell door. It was odd because no one knocked on jail doors. Prisoners didn't get visitors just intruders. Blue slowly sat up and waited. Waited to breathe.

The door slowly opened. It was her Angel. Her Angel of death. He held out that purple evening gown and threw it a couple of feet away from her. It slowly sailed down in the air like a kite in the wind. Then he dug in his pockets and threw the necklace close to the gown. Blue exhaled. Then thightened her lip. She supposed she shouldn't expect manners from him. She was nothing to him and he was just her painkiller. The pain was still there but numbed or muted. Except the pain wasn't physical, yet.

He simply said " Get dressed"

Then he gave her one last look and closed the door firmly. He was hard to read. Bluejay couldn't figure out what was in his eyes. She wanted to add to her illusion and pretend it was desire. But Blue knew he probably was one of them. One of those Litpol in love with the war. It made her think about what Freud said about guns...

Bluejay sighed and crept to the gown. She examined it. It looked soft...silky...She wanted to run her hand accross it so she did. She ran her hand down the side. Her skin cells approved. The ends of her fingers sightly tingled.

Blue stripped and threw the dress over her head gracelessly. Then she smoothed it down. There was no mirror anywhere. But Blue could tell by looking down the dress was low cut but the length of the dress kept it elegant.

Bluejay then picked up her heavy necklace. Bluejay weighted the necklace in her palm.So this is what they meant when they said frosting? Blue's mouth curved into a tiny smile. She was always a bit of a magpie. Bluejay fumbled with the clasp but as soon as she heard that metallic click the door slamed open.

 Not important and Shut up didn't drag her this time. They escorted her down that never ending hallway to that elevator.

Shut up cleared his throat  and said" Is it true what you said about those tracking devices? Cause you got a lot of guys worrying."

Worrying or Panicing?

" I'll tell you whatever you want to know just tell me where I am" Bluejay begged.

" Your in a place that doesn't exist on paper, in the computers" Shut up said.

Not important nudged him. Shut up glared at him. Not important responded by grinding his teeth hard. They had told her nothing but somehow it was too much. Who was she going go tell?The Walls? Honestly.

" So what does that mean...there's no laws to follow here?"

She had assumed the worest possibilty would be being held at the Tower. Clearly she had no creativivity. No imagination what so ever. Ofcourse there was a place worse than the Tower. A place worse than hell. The rules she knew of didn't apply here. She supposed it made sense...she should have seen it coming. The Litpol wasn't allowed to baragin with terrorists. They had bargained with her. Maybe it was frowned upon but nobody was going to be gassed over it.

" I can't tell you anymore about our location. Just know we still are men of honor. There is no anarchy here" Shut up said.

God he actually believed what he was saying. He was glowing with pride. All he needed was one of those "I love my job" pins.

" So you want to know about our tracking devices. You probably want to know how you know one is in you? Well you may experience shortness of breath. The doctor will probably just prescribe you with a puffer and you will think you have ashma or perhaps your out of shape. Most people don't get the the x-ray stage so they never know they are being tracked" Bluejay said.

" But how do you get it out?' Not important asked.

" You don't" Blue whispered

The End

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