Don't lie to me yet

Bluejay stared at her angel of death and sighed. Her determination had run out. She had always ignored the possibility of aging and death as if they were inevitable for everyone else but her. The truth made her humble. Human.Blue closed her eyes and sighed.

With her eyes closed Blue whispered " But I have nothing to say"

" Your a story teller, tell me the story of the resistance" He said

" I have nothing to tell you. I've left the protagonists...." Bluejay laughed cruelly " It was to much of a risk."

Bluejay slowly opened her eyes and looked everywhere but at him. He may of  been beautiful but there was no kindness in his eyes. She knew she would get no sympathy or even pity from him. But that didn't stop her from wanting to look into his baby blues. Blue had a probem with that. Drowning in peoples eyes was never safe. There is no such thing as a shallow end, not for her anyway. If she fell, she fell deep and she fell hard.

" I think your telling me stories right now. Tell me about your resistance and your little freedom fighter friends. Show me you have some self presservation"  He said acidly

Blue tried not to let the spark show in her eyes. Or let her mouth gape open. She suddenly realized they knew nothing about her library. Maybe someway...somehow...someone would find it. Maybe they would tresure it and perhaps another generation would know about " Sam I am" and his " Green Eggs and Ham".

Blue could have used some green eggs and ham right now. That suddenly gave her an idea...It wasn't a good idea, but then again stokholm syndrome was never a good idea. But most people never asked for it or worse demanded it.

" I want a Grand Slam" Blue brusted out.

" Excuse me?" He asked

" If you want me to talk. I want a Grand Slam and...and I want you to kiss me. I always wanted a life full of love. Not some corny hollywood romance stuff...real flawed loved. Your probably as flawed as they can get..." Bluejay trailed off.

" You sound as if you think we are going to kill you. You don't need to be asking for last requests if you talk we will let you go. You can go back to teaching. Living your life. Looking for love" He insisted

" Don't lie to me yet" Bluejay muttered " I also want..."

She wanted to travel. She wanted to go to Paris France. Or anywhere in Europe and see the finest art. She wanted to eat pasteries and look through windows of designers clothes stores.She wanted to travel somewhere warm and swim all day and drink strawberry daquiris. Blue wanted to get back to painting and maybe one day get something published. She wanted to lose those excess pounds and wear the tightest jeans possible.

" I want a purple evening gown and a diamond necklace. I've always wanted to live a life of glamour. " Bluejay added.

" There's no Denny' s anywhere near here...and how do I know you will even talk?" He asked

" Well you could always torture me after" Blue suggested.

He appeared to be thinking it over. He looked up at the ceiling and then back at her. Bluejay looked at him too. She looked through him and tried to find something redeeming about him. But it seemed he was like the rest and she was a fool.

" My superiors need some thing now. Give me something now and give me something later."He demanded.

Bluejay was a horrible liar but forunately for her he didn't know that. Blue cleared her throat and got ready to tell him a story.

She said " We invented a new tracking device. It's placed in the heart and if it ever gets pulled out your heart stops beating. But by that time we already done with you. A couple of the litpol are walking around with them and no idea. No concious idea anyway. Our knock out gas is pretty ineffective. Everything we do is on the cheap. You know how it is"

He didn't know how it was but he slowly nodded his head.

He said " Do you know the names of the individuals carrying around this tracking device?"

" No, that's not my department. My job is to train the young. We want to start our own army. I'm part of phase one: preparing the young. Gaining their trust etc. Now can I get my Grandslam?"

" Yes. Yes you can have your Grandslam. Give me twenty four hours" He said

The End

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