Operation Backlash

After their heavily publicised escape from the prison transfer, copious ammounts of Mountan Dew, energy drinks and other drinks were consumed in their celebration. They were all sitting on a hill just outside the city that provivded them with a nice view.

"Ahh... fresh air." Scorch exclaimed. He had been cooped up the longest of them all. For an entire month, he had been in Antagonist hands, now he was a free man.

"Cheers to that!" Digger said. He tossed his comrade a fresh Mountain Dew, thanks to a local shopping venue. They sat viewing the city as it was repairing itself from the shock of having one of its bridges blown up partially.

"Oh, I could use another Mountain." Phenoix said. She was then pelted with a few of them until she capitulated.

"So, what do we do now?" Ninja asked more calmly than earlier.

"Oh I don't know, cause discord and chaos wherever we go. The usual." Trucker suggested. He got a fist pump from Bugger.

"We could try to knock out their power stations," Ninja suggested, "Loss of power makes anywhere we go easier to attack." They mulled over the possibilty, until Bugger had an idea.

"Only if we go against their Coms at the same time." he interjected, "Loss of power, they'll just switch to coms, loss of coms, they're blind as a bunch of guys that just got flashbanged." They liked that idea even more.

Spocky looked around at everyones' smiling faces, how could he keep sending them into danger? And why did they call him their leader? "Ok, it's an idea. We'll need plans of both buildings, an escape plan and an entry."

"Also tell me how much of my Party Starters to bring." Scorch said. He was over by a makeshift table assembling explosives.

"Can't you just buy those?" Ninja asked. Scorch shook his head.

"Explosives are a creative thing used corectly. So they banned them. Thankfully I know how to make them anyway."

"Ok, I'm gonna say enough for a dozen power generators and some for other purposes." Spocky said. Scorch poured over his list of explosives he had, trying to see what he could use. His eyes came upon the bottom of the list and widened.

"I have some of that? Where?" He asked himself. He went digging into his inventory of explosives and found what he wanted: C-4.

"How did you get C-4?" Trucker exclaimed. Scorch smiled.

"I have my ways," He answered. Fun time was over, it was time to hit back at the Antagonists.

- 1236hrs General Power Station -

Digger, Ninja and Scorch were disguised as power workers just returning from their shift. As they pulled into the employee's entrance, they unloaded their tool boxes. But they weren't filled with tools, they were filled with C-4 and other explosives that they could use.

They strode their way through the crowded facility, stopping every now and then to plant some explosives when they felt like it. They were sure to give some to Ninja as he could reach just about anywhere and could hide the charges carfully.

"We good?" Digger asked. They were forced along the way to 'secure' some of the personell, which they hid in a strong part of the facility.

"Looks so," Scorch replied. They exited without anymore questioning and began to pull out. Ninja pulled out a cell-phone and called Phenoix.

"Our end is ready, waiting for the fireworks." He said.

-1245hrs Other end of town; Communications Company -

Phenoix closed her cell-phone and nodded to Trucker who looked over to Spocky and nodded. Spocky got the message and strode into the Communications Company's mainframe room with Bugger in tow. He opened the door and was faced with a few technicians that were busily working.

"Hello there." He greeted. Heads turned and looked at him, "This company is now under new management. You in your stupor have for long enough, denied those of us free thinkers to think for once. Now you are about to see what happens when we do think." He and Bugger threw open their trenchcoats they were wearing and pulled out pistols. The room grew chaotic as fear rippled across the employees. Trucker and Phenoix walked past them and started hacking a computer terminal.

"We're in. The system was open all this time." Trucker announced. Bugger slid over to the terminal and handed his pistols to Trucker and began uploading their surprise.

"Ok, starting countdown." Spocky announced. He called Scorch and told him to begin the show.

- 1249hrs Scorch, Ninja and Digger's location -

They had retreated a safe distance from the power station after they had placed their charges. As Scorch got the call, he smiled and continued smiling as he hung up and called the LitPol HQ in the Tower.

"Hello sir or madam, how may I help you today?" The dispatcher on the other end asked.

"May I speak to your superior's superior please. This is an urgent matter that cannot be delayed any further." Scorch said. There was a pause before a Commander was put on.

"Hello? Who am I speaking to?" the man asked.

"That's not important right now. What is important is the grevious crime that has been commited and is still going on this very moment." Scorch replied. The man on the other end listened intently.

"You see, for too long we have been oppressed by others and cannot stand it any longer." Scorch explained. He took note of Spocky and his group approaching in their van. As the van stopped beside them, he handed the phone off to Spocky.

"As my friend has just said, there has been a grevious crime against the very nature of humanity and what the common man calls his 'creativeness'. Allow me to expound upon the situation." He said. The Commander didn't like that Spocky was speaking with banned words.

"You sir, are using words that have been banned by the Literary Police in order to protect the public and the peoples of Canada." He said automatcially.

Spocky was enraged, "You think that I really give a fracking care about breaking some stupid law about grammer?! You people are all the same. You all think for the good of all mankind. Well I have to say that you're doing a great job so far!

"You see the reason that I stand here talking to you is because I have had enough with the tyranny that oppresses the people of the world today. The common man has become even more common under your leadership. His thoughts are controled by the threat of deletion from your tryannical rule. His every thought is carefully picked apart so that the thinkers can be weeded out like pretzels in Chex Mix. But you have missed some and have moved on. But these pretzels won't stand still for long, they will move and strike back at you will a blinding fury and rage that will decimate everything that you have tried to build and protect. Is that the future you want for mankind? A future of uncertanty? A future of revolution and chaos? Well I have to say, if so, then I will be that revolution for I, no," Spocky stopped himself, "We are PROTAGONISTS!" And with that, the charges were detonated and the city was plunged into a darkness in the light and found itself cutoff from very own people.

As the charges exploded, Spocky hung up and the band of rebels drove away, waiting to strike again in order to help their fellow thinkers. Now the rest of the world knew, that revolution, wasn't dead yet. It was just beginning.

The End

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