Protagonists' Safe

A resounding ding-dong of a bell tapped at her eardrums. In a shudder, Robyn woke up to the same darkness as she had slept in. They had arrived at the destination, and the anxiety of getting an explanation for her condition at the meeting welled up in her. She hoped not it was a bio-weapon, for the prospect of the LitPol knowing who she was, carrying her DNA, and targeting her, put her on edge. She was desperate to scan her surroundings, just for comfort, but that was obviously out of the question.

“Robyn, we need to get off now. Are you okay, sweetie?” Asheyna asked gently, as she helped Robyn up.

“Still seeing nothing. But we can’t be late, can we?” Her smile hardly a curve on her face, her teeth not showing.

Asheyna and to Robyn, the still unknown stranger, helped her down the steps. The touch of his hand scared her slightly; the unfamiliar firm grip made her feel even more vulnerable. Robyn wanted to trust him – it was always the convenient and easy thing to do, to trust someone. There weren’t so many unanswered questions.

“Um, Robyn, this is AfroFerret. But you can call him Afro. You guys didn’t properly meet before.” Asheyna took Robyn’s right hand from the limp position by her side, and held it out for her. Afro, looking slightly baffled for only a second, shook her pale white and fragile looking hand.

“Right then, we should get going to the meeting,” Asheyna said as she took Robyn’s arm and locked it around hers. “Things should become clearer about us while you’re there,” she informed Afro, as they sped up their pace.

Robyn knew the route well. She’d been there one too many a-time, and it was the Protagonists’ Safe. Someone was always there to help, whether it was a day for a meeting or not. Things were always fixed there, and she hoped that it wouldn’t let her down this time. She took confident and hopeful footsteps across the pavement; Asheyna’s guidance unnecessary, hadn’t there been trips in the concrete.

“Okay, you need to promise you won’t tell anyone about this place,” Asheyna looked at Afro intently. Her hand did not turn the doorknob, only grasping it as she spoke.

“You have my word – I won’t tell anyone no matter what,” Afro responded surely, nodding in understanding of his promise.

The familiar creaking sound of the heavy doors was comforting to Robyn’s ear. Instinctively, she reared towards the right, aware of a downward staircase, which would lead them to the Meeting Room. Asheyna and Robyn paid special attention to the sounds, hoping for a mumbling buzz in the background, of a heated discussion.

With two turns of the key, the door to the room opened. 

"Tell me who's here, Asheyna!" Robyn's voice eager. 

"Can't she see for herself?" A familiar voice called out, a ring of concern in the question. 

The End

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