The Impossible Escape

Ninja and Spocky had been able to hide the rest of the crews' vehicles before the LitPol had shown up to collect them. They obviously had an informant on the inside, but who would do such a terrible thing?

Ninja paced about the camp, wondering how they should try to get some of their team members out of prison. But they also wondered about Scorch. His cell was empty, but that could have been the LitPol moving him away from the site of the rescue.

"This is so fracking stupid!" Ninja exclaimed. His pent up anger was needing to be released, Spocky wasn't too far away from doing the same.

"I know! But what do we do?" Spocky asked, "We lost the team, Scorch is MIA, who knows where they are! We'd need a miracle to save them!" They both now paced around the campfire and decided to move about the city to gain some information. They took Truckers... truck and headed about the city from point to point trying to gain some sort of intelligence that could help them.

"This too is stupid." Ninja said. Spocky agreed but still looked about the road they were traveling on. That was until they saw the LitPol vans driving away just to their left.

"Hey, you seeing what I'm seeing?" Spocky asked his co-pilot. Ninja twisted his head quickly and caught sight of the vans.

"Hell yes. But don't tell me you are thinking about doing what I think you are thinking." Ninja pleaded. His plea fell upon deaf ears. Spocky turned left and accelerated in order to stay close to the vans.

"Open up my laptop, check what van LP4192 and LP4193 are doing out here." Spocky ordered. Ninja reached back and pulled out Spocky's HP laptop and clicked around until he reached their destination and reason of travel.

"You won't believe this," He said, "Prisoner Transfer from the Tower. 5 occupants distributed between the two vans." The information sunk in slowly. Now tunnel vision began to set in as Spocky selected how to take out the two of them, that was until the vans stopped and let their passengers out. They were escorted by heavily armed LitPol officers. He could make out the faces of Phenoix, Trucker, Bugger, Digger and Scorch.

"Don't, don't, don't, don't!" Ninja yelled. The F150's engine roared as the pedal was floored. The entire truck sped forth like a bullet aimed at one thing: the LitPol officers. By the time the officers recognized what was headed towards them, it was too late. Their bodies disappeared under the truck as Spocky braked infront of his comrades.

"Need a lift?" He asked. The adrenalin was rushing through his veins right now. The former prisoners beamed at their rescue and hopped in, some went for the back of the truck, others for the bed of the truck.

"Thanks for the bust man." Scorch said. He gave Ninja a quick fist pump as the truck sped away towards the forest hideout.

"That was easy! They didn't even have us chained up!" Bugger exclaimed. That was what made Spocky uneasy, the flashing lights confirmed his suspicion.

"It's a trap!" Digger yelled. As had been said in numerous movies and real life situations, now was a feeling that made some of the Protagonists sick to their stomach.

"Hang on!" Spocky yelled. He turned the truck around in a perfect U-turn and faced his opponents.

"No, no, no, no, no! Spocky!" Ninja yelled again. The truck rushed forward and charged the police vehicles, which scattered. They were going to have to find another place to park.

The chase went on for a few minuets before Scorch had a bit of surprise set for them on a bridge: Explosives.

"Come on, come on." Scorch encouraged as he watched the police vehicles attempt to catch up. They reached the first part of the bridge and continued chase. That was when they discovered that part of the bridge infront of them wasn't going to be there for long. They all slammed on their brakes in unison and started to flee.

"Say goodbye to the neighborhood!" Scorch shouted. He pressed a button and the charges detonated, blowing up part of the bridge. No cars were around on the bridge so no one was injured.

"Hell yeah!" Digger exclaimed, "That's our Scorch!" From out of nowhere, an American flag was pulled out and was held aloft on the truck bed. A lot of motorists took notice of the sight for the USA had officialy invaded Canada, but they still were looking for help.

The End

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