Are you willing?

Blue uselessly watched the pattern of the floor as they dragged her accross it. They wouldn't let her have the dignity of walking side by side next to them. They dragged her by the arms down that overexposed hallway. Blujay was willing to bet those bright lights gave the litpol head aches. She wondered randomly if some how that was planned. That someone wanted to make sure the litpol's patience was short and that her stay would be miserable.

She craned her head up to look up at her captor's. They almost looked like they could be twins. They both had that shaved miltary haircut and they both were short and top heavy. They only difference Blue could see was that one was very pale and they other one was olive toned.

Blue looked up at the olive one and said " I am called Bluejay. What to people call you?"

" Shut up" He said

Well, he gave her no choice but to give him back sass. He really was asking for it.

Bluejay mulled it over and said " Has a nice ring to it. Perfect antagonist name."

" Shut up" He repeated

" I need to make some noise. The sound of those lights buzzing is driving me nuts. Are we there long is this hall way really? There's no bends just straight. I could walk their with my eyes closed"  Bluejay chatted

" That's the point"  Shut up said

Well, that shut her up. Blue had heard rumors of people going blind for periods of time. But she didn't now why or how. She use to have nightmares of it happening to her. Little did she now her realitity would be much more scary.

They dragged her in an elevator and  dragged her to standing position. Her back ached. She tried to rub it but ofcourse that wasn't permited. Blue looked at he number of floors lightling up one by one.So many floors...This had to the tower. If this was the tower they obviously thought she had alot to say. A lot of important things to say. They didn't just bring anyone to the tower. So she was V.I.P.?

Blue looked at the pale guy and said " What's your name?"

" Not important" He said

Blue mulled it over " Shut up and Not important perfect antagonist names. Did you choose your names or were they miltary issue? Do they give you the uniforms and then hand you new name?

Shut up's face tightened up. He looked like he wanted to strike her but he didn't. Probably because he wasn't allowed to.Blue would keep that in mind. Not important appeared like he hadn,t heard her. So he was the indifferent one. The one that would kill without thinking or feeling because someone had told him too.

Finally they dragged her in a dark room. Blue watched as a metal chair kept getting closer and closer. Blue tried to sit on it but they wouldn't let her. It was more fun to throw her on it. Blue grunted and rubbed her rump. So a little discomfort was acceptable but no pain dished out by litpol guards was allowed.

Bluejay quickly realized she wasn't alone. She was facing the most attractive man she had ever seen. His face was sculped, tan and perfectly porportioned. Blue always had thing for eyes...and his were wide blue, glittering and smiling. Blue's mouth was probably wide and gasping. Bluejay wasn't really asshamed she had assumed her interagator would be some creepy guy with an eye patch and a hook for a hand.

He cleared this throat " Let me tell you what's going to happen to you. Proceduce says were going to take your clothes and we dress you in thin gray uniform. Your going to be micro chiped and tattooed. There will be a brief but invasive physical. Then your hair will be shaved off. Finally you will be brought here to be interrogated. But I can skip that all with you. But you have to be willing...Are you willing to talk?"

The End

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