Black Book Beautiful.

Afro smiled as Reeza began to stir, she inquisitively blinked her eyes at him before scampering about the train cabin. He breathed a sign of relief as her usual energy illustrated she was ok, looks like she has the hard head thing in common with her owner. The girls were asleep for now, they probably had a longer run then he did, he was used to little sleep. After he left the day job, he enjoyed the life of a vagabond, following the wind and living his life to one big psychadelic rhapsody. It was then he met Reeza scrounging for food, ferrets were the mark of an artistic soul, and looked like Reeza lost her home. He figured his pack would be a good place for her among his other trinkets.

Afro stared out the window, he began to think about what he was doing. Just tagging for the sake of tagging, he wondered what would he do to leave his mark on the next city. He remembered the words Ash mentioned before she fell asleep, about taking back creativity and teaching the freaks a lesson, he took a worn leather book from his backpack and began leafing through his pages. This was his black book, it contained every stencil, autograph, and idea he'd tagged. He'd met several other street artists in his time, although he realized they were dwindling, in the past, they used to try and outdo eachother. The test, to get the best spot to tag, and have others notice their hard work. Nowadays, they just wanted something to be remembered by when they were finally caught.

He knew the new city needed some life, he decided on a few of his older stencils to work from. He converted the traditional Afro design to encompass the "P" from his pants. He decided his goddess series would be good to use as well, but something new-something to announce Afro was here. He finally decided to begin sketching, occasionally looking up to Ash as he sketched, capturing her features, for some odd reason, he felt compelled to illustrate her wearing a flowing gypsy dress. He remembered fondly to the last time he wandered into a gathering like that, the girl who danced for them was definitely a sight, the colors of her dress had him completely entranced. He had completed the pencil work, now for some ink!

He pulled his pack up to his side and began to take inventory, four cans of spray, plus a handful of markers, few paint pens. Some ferret kibble and dried jerky, he placed a few strips beside the girls and tore the rest up for Reeza. He began gnawing on the last strip as he continued to sort through his pack. He found the taser, enough left for a few good zaps, he didn't like using it, he normally frowned on most violence, every once in awhile though he had to resort to down and dirty. The taser usually did the trick quite well, he found the last photograph of Cassandra's gig, the numbers that night were horrible. He ran a finger over the photo with a fond smile, her words that night echoed through his mind.

"We will never die. Our music and art will remain long after they stop us."

He heard a quiet stirring from the other seat, Reeza had scittered back beside him. Asheyna looked about, Robyn still soundly sleeping. She noticed the jerky placed beside her and took a strip, she began to take a small bite and sat down beside Afro."What are you working on?" Afro leafed a few pages back, showing his past work.

"This is my black book, think of it as a street artist bible. We use it to find inspiration, we work on projects, we get autographs or other artwork from other street artists. We then create our own stuff with their ideas as well. He paged to a cat girl leaving her signature by carving her name into the wall, "This is done by a girl in Jersey, she was known for tagging her name into the highest points in the city. We fell out of touch a while back, hope she is still allright." He paged to another section, here's my tribute to her. He illustrated the same cat girl but with sharper edging, a sign of Afro's own style. Instead of the pink pigtails the previous catgirl had, it was an Afro. She had carved the words "We will never die," in place.

"That's really amazing, I wish I could do street art, I could never control the can very well," Afro grinned, he picked up a few caps from his pack along with a single can of black spray, and his black book.

"Never heard a reason not to learn, come on, I'm sure there's a freight car around here." He extended a hand towards her, she looked towards Robyn.

"What about her?" He grinned as he pointed towards the energetic ferret.

"She'll keep an eye, come on, what's there to fear?" Ash reluctantly followed Afro out of the car. They proceeded towards the back of the car, finding a flat area in one of the storage containers Afro decided here's a perfect place to start. He set the black book down on a suitcase and let the book flutter open. 

"Ok, well the first thing are the caps. Each cap can control the spray," Afro began to spray a simple pattern into the wall. "Keep your hand moving, you slow down, you drip, drips are the sign of a sloppy artist." He finished the design, a "P", he placed the spray can in her hands next. "Ok, just stay calm and focus," he held his hand over hers as she began to spray, the black appeared as a slow focused line. She began to waver a little as Afro helped continue the design. She completed her idea, a smiley face, she grinned. It wasn't anything special, but it was her first real piece of street art. In a moving train, with two fugitives and a ferret, she gave a victorious laugh and wrapped her arms around Afro. He was a little taken aback as he realized how close his face was to hers. Contact with people was few and far between, it's been just himself and Reeza for awhile. 

Afro blushed a deep crimson and backed off, he was a little flustered as he picked up the spray. "Uh, we better head back, make sure Reeza isn't getting into trouble and you're friend-Robyn, right, is ok?" He walked away to the doorway back to the passenger cars, Asheyna stood there in silence for a moment, Afro had left his black book behind. She took a look at the worn leather book, paging to the last piece of art. She saw her face, a simple black set of tribal wings extending outwards and a simple scripted word held aloft.



The End

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