Think, think, think

They had gained one more member of the group, all they needed was their last member: Scorch. He was their... fireworks. He took care of anything that needed to go boom for any reason at all. He was currently held at the Tower. That name didn't phase them for they had no idea what it was. They were back at the hotel planning and were sprawled out everywhere.

"They won't let us in to make a prison transfer." Bugger said, "They're cracking down on that so far as I can tell." His nose was still in his laptop looking at the streams of raw data from the LitPol.

"Yeah, which means, we need to do what?" Phenoix asked.

"Gate crash and bash?" Trucker suggested. Spocky shook his head.

"No, we had Scorch and he had rigged that RC car with enough explosives to blow that gate to bits before we got to it." He reminded them.

"Blackout," Ninja suggested from the corner by the door, "We black 'em out but leave just enough power so that we can see." They paused as they contemplated that plan, it was dangerous, but it was a shot.

"So we attack the power substations here and here." Bugger said, pointing at blueprints for the building.

"Also taking the security mainframe here," Ninja inserted.

"But how do we get there?" Digger asked. Ninja smiled.

"Air ducts my good man." He said, "This building has to have major ducts going all around. The bigger the building, the bigger the air ducts."

"Ok, Ninja, you and Phenoix slip in there, take out the security, we'll cut the power, and Bugger, you get a code ready to cut everything if everything goes FUBAR." Spocky ordered. They rushed about getting their equipment ready, they also packed a block of Scorch's breaching charge that he had made before he had been captured. It was on.

- 2015hrs The Tower -

Ninja and Phenoix, led by instructions from Bugger, had almost made it to the security station. They had been crawling around for about half an hour dodging large fans, drop offs and other dangers of the air conditioning system.

"This is maddness." Phenoix commented quitely. Sound carried quite well in the confined space they were traveling in.

"Maddness, no. This is Ninja!" Ninja yelled quitely. He dropped down through a grate he had removed and landed on a guard that was finishing his rounds. "Thanks dude." He made sure to hide the body before they moved on.

"Now take a right up here, then a left." Bugger instructed. They did and found themselves with only two guards manning the emense security room.

"Oh, this is too easy." Phenoix said.

"Exactly," Ninja said as he scurried to the nearby wall in order to have some cover. They discovered that the room was only occupied by them.

"Take 'em now?" She asked Ninja quitely.

"Now," Ninja responded. They slowly moved up to the guards in their chairs, then stood up. "Hello popit." He greeted. His hand, closed, came down with a speedy karate chop to the back of the man's neck. Phenoix just punched the other in the back of the head, both slumped down and fell out of their chairs, both of which were then occupied by the duo.

"Security station under control, move in." Phenoix reported.

- 201218hrs Spocky, Digger and Trucker's position -

They had been waiting for a long time before the order to move in was given. They were driving Bugger's van as it was painted grey and looked just like the Tower's vans. They slipped past the lines of security and unloaded near one of the loading bays. They door was open.

"That's convienant." Trucker commented.

"Yep, don't need some of this breaching charge then." Digger said.

"Keep it though, we may need it." Spocky said. They had brought along enough charges in order to blow open all the doors the were going to be exiting by as to speed the process. Digger planted the first charge on the door they had just entered and they proceeded to the cell block Scorch was in. No security was around, it was night time, so they didn't encounter any problems getting to his cell, only problem was, he wasn't there.

"What the hell?" Trucker exclaimed. Then a Litpol jumped out of no where and tackled him full force, slamming him into a concrete wall and knocking him out. Digger tried to evade but met the same fate. Spocky stood his ground and dodged the man as he lunged for him. He side stepped and brought his elbow down on the man's back. He fell to the ground with a thud, but got up.

As he began to rise, Spocky dropped to the ground and took his legs out, making the man loose his footing. He again crashed to the ground. Spocky reached into his boot and pulled out a knife that he had with him for all kinds of reasons, this was a new one. He held it to the man's throat.

"How the hell did you know we were comming?" He asked. Anger and hatered dripping from his voice, "Answer me!" The Litpol man just smiled and looked up, or down the floor at the approaching collum of LitPol guards. Spocky swore and looked at the guard one last time, then ran.

"Phenoix, Ninja, we're comprimised! Get out!" He yelled as he blew the charges to escape. He heard the dull thud of the doors blowing open.

"Ok, we're bugging out!" Ninja replied. It would take him and Phenoix only moments to get out as they were going to take a different way out, a rapelling line. But then, Spocky heard a cry from the other end.

"Oh my god! They god Phenoix!" Ninja cried out. Spocky had a pang of guilt as he was supposed to be the protector for his unit. From 6, they were down to three.

He reached the van, Ninja was already in it, somehow, and peeled out towards the hotel to pick up Bugger.

"Bugger, we're comming to get you!" Ninja yelled. There was no answer from the other end.

"Hello? Is this another of your friends Dennis?" a man asked. Spocky looked at Ninja with fear in both of their eyes, they were cornered.

"We gotta get out of here." Ninja said. Spocky turned the wheel and headed for the nearest natural cover outside the city, a large forest.

- 2037hrs Forest Hideout -

Their plan was in shambles, their team, decimated, what could they do now? The duo sat around a nice fire that cast an eerie light upon the situation that was very dark and malicious.

"What now?" Ninja asked, "What now?!" The question reverberated through the forest. Birds, shaken by the yelling, took to noisy flight.

Spocky thought long and hard about that question, "We get help." But how and who would help them?

The End

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