Afro smiled as the two girls left, they liked his art. Well the blonde one did anyways. She was nice, he cheered as he looked up at his latest piece. "Beautiful, at the very least, you'll remind people that creativity still lives on. Stay classy old gal, " Reeza caught his attention with a well placed nip to his ear. "Yeesh! Allright allright, let's get moving ok? One last stop before we leave, next time I'm befriending an animal with less sharp teeth!"

He pushed off on the board, as he weaved to and fro he didn't care to hide himself. His mind ran over the word time and time again-


Sounds neat enough, they seemed to want to change things. He began to carve down the hill to the train station, he definitely felt more alive then he had in awhile. He'd make sure those Litpol's saw his art everywhere they turned. As he hit the hill a pair of strong hands grabbed him by an arm and threw him to the ground. Afro tumbled to the ground with a very graceless thud.

"Ow, ok Reeza before you say it, this time it was," He didn't finish the sentence as he realized a pistol was trained on him, "Ah crap," He stared down a very upset Litpol with a familiar raccoon spray pattern on his face. He began to back away slowly, no more jokes, no more one-liners. This was definitely bad. He slowly raised his hands as the firearm aimed at his chest definitely made him complacent. The Litpol agent growled at him as he still tried wiping away the spray from the initial attack.

"You are going to regret that, I'm gonna personally break each and every finger in your hands. Then I'll smash every building you've ever left your filth on and make you watch," He began to prattle on like this as Afro tuned him out, it can't end like this can it? He had to keep going, right? Those girls were waiting for him, it's been awhile since he really associated with people. Since he started his tagging, people were afraid of him. They instead admired him, he hooked his foot under the board. He had no intentions of going peacefully, Reeza had fallen again on the second crash of the day. He finally spied her crawling up the Litpol's leg, he prayed Reeza would just run away. Instead, she went directly for the problem. She found the first bit of exposed skin and clamped down as hard as she could, the Litpol let out an annoyed growl as he swatted Reeza off with his pistol. Afro watched as his tiny companion bounced against the wall and laid still.

"Reeza, no!! Motherfu-" He brought his board up with no subtlety or grace, instead he used the transportation like one solid weapon. Aiming at the Litpol's head he brought it down with every last bit of strength he could muster. The board shattered into many little bamboo fragments, the Litpol collapsed to the ground. He was gonna feel that when he wakes up. 

Afro gently walked up to Reeza, her eyes were still open. She was alive! "You stupid girl, you should have let him shoot me, we both know my head's harder then yours," he gently scooped up the ferret. He wasn't sure how badly she was hurt, but she was not going to be left behind.Quickly opening his pack, he placed her in the compartment she had claimed for herself when the two first met. He made sure she was well wrapped in the long-sleeve shirt, her head poking out.

"We'll make sure you get some attention girl, I promise, ok? Just don't leave me alone." Afro quickly put the pack back on, attaching the strap across his chest he ran for the train station. He knew the Litpol probably called his in, he needed to go, now!

There were so many places he still needed to tag, he can't stop yet. He won't stop yet, and Reeza will be fine, he convinced himself of this over and over as he ran. His lungs hurt, his legs felt like there were thousands of needles being jammed into them. He knew he could hurt more later, the straps of his backpack began to tear into his shoulders. "It didn't matter, just keep running!!" He kept telling himself, "Those girls are waiting, and Reeza trusts them, so should I." He got to the train, noticing the girls were just boarding. The blonde was trying to help the other girl onto the train, was she not feeling well?

"Need some help?" The blonde turned around, she gave a smile as she realized the artist had made it.

"Yes, can you help Robyn in please?" Afro nodded, he took his backpack off, and carefully passed it to her.

"Just be careful, Reeza decided to play hero. She's a little banged up." She gently picked up the backpack as the three got to the room. The blonde girl tended to, what was her name, Robyn? As Afro took Reeza out of his backpack and set her beside the seat. Afro finally decided to introduce himself. "Anyways, the name's Afro, well the Afroferret, but Afro's fine."

The End

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